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Superior water quality for waterparks, pools, & splash pads.

Neptune-Benson, Evoqua has been synonymous with best-in-class water filtration and disinfection equipment in the commercial aquatics industry since 1956. Built on a solid base of tens of thousands of installations, our comprehensive portfolio of solutions include proven and trusted offerings such as Defender® regenerative media filters, ETS-UV ultraviolet disinfection systems, Legacy™ sand filters, Guardian™ and ProStrainer™ strainers, Lawson Aquatics® accessories and more.

Brands: Defender, Aegis, Dominion, Guardian

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  • Defender Regenerative Media Filter
    The Defender® Regenerative Media Filter from Neptune-Benson provides exceptional water quality by removing particles down to 1 micron in size. The combination of water, fuel, and chemical savings can translate into significant savings over time....

  • With Neptune Benson’s 50+ year track record of delivering exceptional value, you will enjoy the peace of mind that can only come from partnering with an industry leader.

    Discover how much you could save by requesting a complimentary Cost Saving Analysis.


    Defender filters significantly eliminate the amount of backwash water associated with sand filter operation. Instead of backwashing, the Defender filter is programmed
    to automatically “bump” to regenerate the fine-grade perlite media for a fresh start. Eventually the filter will become saturated with trapped dirt and require a quick and easy
    media discharge and replacement. Depending on bather load, the life cycle of the media averages around every four weeks.


    The Defender filter takes up 1/4 to 1/6 of the space required by an equivalently sized sand system. This saves both space and construction costs.
    See the multiple  benefits below:
    • No backwash holding tank
    • Smaller waste line to sewer
    • Local backwash to waste flow rate restrictions
    • Operating weight may be as little as 10% of a similar sand filter


    Energy savings are derived in several ways. First, Defender filters operate at lower head pressures throughout the filter cycle saving power demand. Second, the elimination of backwash waste associated with sand filtration provides significant wastewater treatment savings.


    The dramatic reduction of backwash waste directly translates to savings in chemicals and fuels for reheating associated make-up water. Less backwash equals less chemicals and heat needed to treat make-up water.


    Defender filters achieve the highest quality of water by removing particles down to 1 micron. This is 20 to 30 times finer than sand.

  • NEW ETS-UV Wafer™ UV Disinfection System
    The Wafer™ UV system is designed specifically for the aquatics industry for secondary disinfection. It is about one third of the size of comparative solutions making it easy to install and retrofit the solution into the tightest of mechanical rooms....

  • The Wafer UV generator differs from any other UV generator currently on the market, with a unique UV chamber that offers the most compact UV disinfection solution available today. At about one third of the size of comparative UV offerings, and with a significantly reduced maintenance envelope, the Wafer UV generator delivers an easy to install and retrofit solution that will fit the tightest of mechanical rooms.

    Compact & Efficient - Designed for Your Aquatics Facility

    Not only does the Wafer generator represent the most compact UV solution available on the market, it features a hydraulically optimized generator design and leading polychromatic lamp technology, making it one of the most efficient and highest performing generators as well. The Wafer UV generator provides 99.9% inactivation of chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

    Tailored For Your Recirculation Needs

    Featuring eight models in single and twin lamp configurations, the Wafer UV generator is suitable for swimming pool recirculation rates of 50 m3/hr up to 700 m3/hr. As with ETS-UV ECF and SX models, the Wafer generator, product range includes UV intensity monitoring, over-temperature control, automatic cleaning systems and safety-enhancing quick release Twistlok® UV lamps.

    Easy to Operate

    Operators will also benefit from the inclusion of the Spectra control system as standard, which includes a wide range of features such as a data stream monitoring, process interlocks and programmable set points. A key Spectra control feature includes variable power stepping from 100% to 35% at no extra cost, allowing operators to optimize the operational power of their system to match bather loads and pool operating schedules.

    In addition, the Spectra controller features a reactive boost function that automatically operates the lamps at maximum power from a combined chlorine alarm signal, when teamed with a suitable chlorine controller. This is a feature specifically designed for swimming pool applications to break down problematic chloramines as soon as they are detected, significantly improving water quality and eliminating the cause of strong chemical smells, red burning eyes, itchy skin and natatorium corrosion.

    Chloramine Reduction

    Chloramines are the chemical compounds which are formed when free chlorine reacts with nitrogenous compounds such as uric acid, urea, ammonia, histidine and creatine introduced to the pool environment by bathers. As the cause of itchy skin, eye irritations (red eye), headaches and unpleasant chemical odours, chloramines pose a significant problem for leisure operators worldwide. Independent research has linked chloramines as a cause of asthma in regular swimmers, lifeguards, and instructors. Chloramines also damage the structure of aquatic facilities though corrosive condensation, degrading structural steel, roof supports, furniture, pool side equipment and ventilation ducts.

    The polychromatic wavelengths of medium pressure UV systems break the bonds within all three of the chloramine molecules. The result is crystal clear water and fresh clean air. Requirements for ‘shock dosing’, and additional chlorine are reduced, and in most cases, combined chlorine levels are reduced to as little as 0.2 ppm.

    Cryptosporidium Protection

    UV-C light is a proven and effective barrier for Cryptosporidium and other emerging chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Giardia. Used extensively in drinking water for over 100 years, many leisure operators are now installing UV systems as standard to ensure their water does not pose a risk to public health and safety.Our UV systems have undergone independent 3rd party validation testing which can be trusted to deliver a 99.9% reduction of Cryptosporidium in a single pass.

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