Raven Defense

United States
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Telemetry Systems in All Domains

Ground Based - We offer fixed and ground-mobile telemetry tracking solutions utilizing traditional parabolic reflector systems as well as multi-beam electronically steered phased array systems ranging from sub-meter class to 6m and larger.  Our antenna systems support single and multi-band configurations in L, S, and C-band.

Airborne - The Raven Advanced Phased-Array Telemetry Resource (RAPTR) system is a cutting edge multi-beam airborne electronically scanned telemetry tracking system.  RAPTR is scalable to meet installation envelopes on multiple aircraft and may be tailored to adjust system G/T, frequency coverage, number of targets, and system scan volume. 

Maritime - The Raven Defense Maritime Networked Telemetry Asset (MaNTA Raven) provides an innovative and ship-independent roll-on, roll-off telemetry collection capability for launch operations, hypersonic flight testing, and missile defense test operations in the broad ocean area. 

Custom Solutions - We understand that there is no 'one size fits all' telemetry solution.  Let our team of experts work with you to develop a system to meet your needs.  

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