Maximum H2O

Mississauga,  ON 
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Better Water, Wetter Water!  Naturally!!

Soft, Energized Water with Incredible Performance.  Chemical free Water conditioning for use in irrigating AG and Turf, Lawn and Garden, Greenhouse, and Home use.

Soften water without salt, potassium, or any chemicals.  100% Maintenance Free.

Use 20% less water and inputs, Healthier plants and soils, Increase yields, vigor, and quality.

Prevent and reverse mineral scale buildup in pipes, equipment, and in the soil.

Improve water permeation, penetration, and soil moisture holding capacity.

Improve soil health and chemistry.

Reduce water use by 20%

Reduce pumping costs and improve flow rates by 8 - 15%.

Improve sprayer effectiveness and reduce chemicals and inputs by 20% - 50%.

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