Mazzei Injector Company, LLC

Bakersfield,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 531

MAZZEI® INJECTOR COMPANY is the leader in mixing and contacting technologies.  For the agricultural market, Mazzei’s leading technologies support higher crop yield per acre by providing growers the following components and systems to produce more per acre and per gallon of water applied:

1) VENTURI INJECTORS for chemigation and fertigation.  Mazzei injectors provide growers with efficient, uniform, low energy, maintenance free addition of liquid fertilizers/chemicals into pressurized irrigation systems;

2) MAZZEI AIRJECTION® IRRIGATION process lets growers “PLOW WITHOUT A PLOW.”   Through the drip irrigation system, AirJection delivers the right amount of air (O2/N2) into the root zone resulting in higher crop yields, early maturation, improved water efficiency and soil health;

In addition to delivering irrigation solutions to growers, Mazzei provides systems and components for wastewater aeration. Aeration is a complicated procedure, but Mazzei’s technologies make the process easier, more efficient, less expensive and more reliable.

Whether it is for your irrigation challenge or your wastewater problem, Mazzei has the solution.

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