Orival Water Filters

  • Booth: 1134

The New Orival Model ORZ Automatic Self-cleaning Screen Filter will be introduced at the 2016 Irrigation Show with a cut-a-way model on display.  This new filter model will have many applications in irrigation systems with sizes ranging from 2” to 24” and much larger screen areas than current filter models.  Also, very little water is required for the self-cleaning cycle.  It stays online during the screen cleaning cycle with little or no impact on system pressure.  Large screen areas mean capacity for those occasional slugs of dirt that come from well cycling or algae blooms without faulting the filter.  Other Orival filter models for irrigation systems include automatic pressure filters, manual filters, automatic strainers for removing coarse sand and gravel, and self-cleaning suction strainers to protect pump inlets.  Come by Orival Water Filter Booth # 1127 and talk to our filtration specialists about the New Orival Low Pressure Automatic Self-cleaning Screen Filter and how it can be used in low pressure drip systems.  (201) 568-3311, filters@orival.com, www.orival.com

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