Responsive Drip Irrigation LLC

Bradenton,  FL 
United States
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GrowStreamTM by Responsive Drip Irrigation is the only “plant-responsive” sub-surface irrigation and fertigation system that allows every plant to self-regulate its own water and nutrient delivery. The “smart micropores” interact and respond to chemical signals released from plant roots to emit water and nutrients as the plant needs. Delivering water and nutrients directly to the root zone eliminates evaporation and run-off.

Utilizing the GrowStreamTM system, plants develop faster and produce higher yields of top-grade produce, while saving more than 40% of the water and fertilizer typically used under drip. 

GrowstreamTM can be used for commercial agriculture, greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, nurseries, landscape, turf, cannabis and hemp, rooftops, living walls and residential applications. It has also been used to replace hydroponic systems for growing plants in vertical trays. Poor quality water including reclaimed/recycled, river, well, brackish and tap water can be used in the system. It grows crops in all soil types and substrate media, such as cocopeat, etc.

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