Vancouver,  BC 
  • Booth: 147

Verdi is at the forefront of irrigation technology innovation.

Verdi has developed the first scalable wireless control system and climate adaptation platform to tackle agriculture’s most critical challenge: water scarcity. 

Our proprietary variable rate irrigation technology augments standard agriculture irrigation systems with plant-level healthcare and automation capabilities, allowing farmers to dramatically improve crop productivity and reduce water risk. 

Verdi works with the world’s largest and most well-known food and beverage brands to bring climate-resilient operations to their fields. We are on track to save over 7 million liters of water for our customers this year. We have raised $2.6M from leading investors such as THRIVE/SVG Ventures.

We strive to create products that are trustworthy, affordable, and customer-oriented. Every decision we make is weighed against these goals. Our customers rely on us to provide tools that perform mission-critical tasks in the field, from complex and targeted irrigations to tracking water use across their farms. 

Verdi's products are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, CANADA.

Brands: Verdi Micro-Block (Variable Rate), Verdi Block, Verdi Dashboard