Fresno,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 405

WiseConn USA is an Ag irrigation management and control company that is based in Clovis, CA. Our product DropControl has over 10 years of experience proving efficiency and reliability. DropControl is installed across the world in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, United States, Spain, and Australia. Our main results to growers has been reducing water, energy, and labor costs while increasing maximum yields. WiseConn USA works on 5 pillars that ensures success with an irrigation management system:

1) Control: Because 10 years of experience in online automation is what makes the difference.

2) Partners: Always work with local distributors, who can service growers better than we will ever be able too.

3) Free version available, always.

4) Open to any sensor and any software. 

5) Updated innovation on applications

Today Drop Control is a local irrigation tool for the U.S. Ag market that has competitive prices on hardware and service without hindering quality and experience.

Brands: WOS: WiseConn Open Service, DropControl