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Transforming Pivot Irrigation Through Drip Technology

Available through local pivot dealers all over the USA, as well as, a network of international distributors:  Dragon-Line saves farmers 20-50% of water, bringing precison irrigation to precision farming.

Dragon-Line is “the orange dripline tubing” with pressure compensating emitters spaced every 6”, 12” or 18” that are welded to the internal wall of the dripline and fully operational at 8 psi. Emitting a uniform water pattern as it drags across the soil surface greatly reduceswater evaporation from wind drift, and allows for deeper percolation to the plant’s root zone where it is needed most.

Dragon-Line offers many other benefits such as: eliminating wheel track issues, customizable to fit any row spacing, The New Hybrid System with an optional winch assembly to allow for in-season adjustments, elimination of leaf burn on crop, reduction in plant shock from sudden temperature changes, reduces the potential for plant diseases, and precision application of fertilizer to the soil surface. Dragon-Line is the solution for Pivot Irri

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