Everydrop Technologies

Longmont,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 1148

Everydrop's revolutionary advances in price-to-performance have now brought accurate, reliable water metering to applications that were previously out of reach.  This meter is already transforming the residential irrigation market and saving homeowners money, conserving water, and protecting property from damaging leaks.  The meter provides highly accurate, real-time flow monitoring, with totalization and optional pressure measurement.  

Now, Everydrop brings this technology to the  agricultural irrigation market. Homeowners and ag professionals alike can monitor water usage in real time, facilitating the highest efficiency in irrigation.  Using the principal of  vortex shedding, Flow Pro manufactures water meters in the U.S. from 1” n.p.t. to 10-inch full bore. Vortex Meters require little or no maintenance. They have no moving parts and the calibration is guaranteed for the life of the meter.

The 1" meters are intended for residential/commercial irrigation systems. Highly applicable for drip irrigation, these meters offer the best solution for leak detection. 

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