Wiseconn Engineering, Inc.

415 Shaw Ave
Clovis,  CA  93612
United States
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Wiseconn USA is based in Fresno CA. Focused on permanent crop ag irrigation, it has deployed over 20 Dropcontrol applications in less than 12 months. With 9 years of experience in online monitoring and irrigation automation, the company is one of the oldest IoT for agriculture copanies in the market today. Presence with installations in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, CA, Spain and Australia, builds a experience with over 100.000 acres and 10 different fruit crops. Main results have been savings in water, energy, fertilizer and labor, while increasing yield. Wiseconn USA works based on 5 pilars, that ensure success with an irrigation management system:

1) Control: Because 8 years of experience in online automation is what makes the difference.

2) Partners: Always work with local distributors, who can service growers better than we will ever be able to.

3) Free version available, always.

4) Open: to any sensor, to any software. 

5) Updated innovation on applications

Today Dropcontrol is a local alternative for the US ag market, with competitive prices on the hardware and service sides, and with reliability not experienced before in the Ag irrigation industry.

Brands: WOS: Wiseconn Open Service, Dropcontrol, Wiseflow


  • Dropcontrol
    Know the exact condition of your farm through a web solution that allows you to follow weather, soil moisture conditions, and control your irrigation/fertigation system efficiently....

  • Dropcontrol is a wireless mesh network that works as a data logger for infield sensor and as output actuator for valves and pumps. Any sensor or actuator with an open protocol can be connected to a Dropcontrol node, the main unit. From SDI-12 to analog, going thru dry contact, 4..20mA, Serial RS232, etc, nodes form a network, and node number 1, is connected to a modem, which sends the information and commands from the farm to the server and back. The modem can be celular, satelite, Ethernet or Wifi, or long range Radio. This allows the system to look for the best signal, in order to assure good uptime of Dropcontrol platform. Once the information is in the server it is displayed thru Dropcontrol application, specially designed for drip/micro irrigation management. It has a complete weather/soil moisture/ irrigation dashboard that allows the grower to make decissions, determine irrigation rhrought the system, and the perform actions on irrigation, from schedulling time, fertigation dosing, up to PH control in water through sulfuric acid inyection. The software side of it is also open, and has an API that is ready to connect to any server or system in the market.
  • Wiseflow
    Is a Irrigation District Management System, that allows online monitoring and control over big water distribution systems....

  • Wiseflow is a mesh network enabled platform for online monitoring and control over devices in big water distribution systems, including dams, canals, wells, and every component needed for surface and groundwater management needs. 

    It has the caipability to measure flow, hight, pressure (water column), water quality, weather, actuate on gates, valves and pumps. 

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