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Powrmatic du Canada Ltée  

  • Booth: 945

With 6 branches well situated in Eastern Canada, Powrmatic is able to deserve all the HVAC, elctricity and fireplace market.  Our branches are in Montreal,Quebec city, Ottawa, Toronto, London and Halifax. 

Powrmatic Canada is a part of  Stamm International Corporation company based in USA. Stamm International Corporation is one of the biggest HVAC, electrical, chimney and fireplace manufacturer and supplier in the world. 

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  • PHRVTE-120
    Energy recovery ventilator from Direct Air....

  • With a profile of only 8.75" high, the PHRVTE-120 is ideally suited for condos and apartments that have no mechanical room and where it must be located over a false ceiling.

    The PHRVTE-120 brings a continuous supply of fresh air into a home while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air.

    During the winter season, the energy recovery core at the center of the unit transfers heat and moisture from outgoing air from inside to the cold an dry incoming air from outside.

    During the summer season the energy recovery core transfers heat and moisture from the incoming air to the outgoing air that was cooled and dried by the building's air conditioner.


    • Slim design, only 8.75" (222 mm) high
    • Supply and exhaust ducts connection 5 inches oval.
    • No drain required
    • Easy to install ceiling bracket included
    • Weight: only 36 lbs (16 kg) including core
    • Fans with backward curved RadiCAL blade
    • Electrostatic filters (washable)
    • Easy Core Guide Channels For Removing Core
    • Multiple speed operation


    AHRI certified core made from water vapor transport durable polymer membrane that is highly permeable to humidity.

    The ERV core is freeze tolerant and water washable.


    5 years on energy recovery core

    7 year on motors

    5 year on parts.


    • DIR-TS – Programmable Touch Screen Wall Control
    • DIR-DG – Electronic multi-function dehumidistat
    • EDF1 – Multi-function control
    • RTS5 – 20/40/60 minute Timer
    • RTS20 – 20 minute over-ride
    • MDEH1 – Dehumidistat


    Unit is typically hung by using ceiling bracket supplied with unit. Optional chain kit available

  • Ebrille coveral UV resistant
    Pre-insulated Copper pipe with UV protection for air conditioning...

  • The Ebrille pre-insulated copper pipes for air conditioning and heat pump is now available with UV protection.

    The white standard Ebrille insulation is perfroming very well but it can deteriorate very fast if it's not protected against UV.

    By adding a thin aluminium foil over the white insulation, it protects the foam against sun ray damage. 

    On the other hand, Ebrille use only top quality copper to manufacture its pipes at their Europe plants.

    So Ebrille offer you the perfect combination for a pefect installation that will last for years. 

    No mather if you've got a small or a big project, residential or commercial job, think about Ebrille.  

    Ebrille pre-isolated copper pipes will always be as good as the service you give to your clients.

    Benefits of using Ebrille product. 

    • Guaranteed production process control. As well as in house, controls are also periodically made by an external verification body
    • Excellent mechanical performance
    • Improved flexibility
    • High adhesion between the pipe wall and the insulation in order to avoid condensation


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