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DryGair Energies Ltd. an innovative company in the field of agrotech, designed and created, in cooperation with the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization, an innovative concept for reducing humidity in the cannabis greenhouses- CannabiSolution.

CannabiSolution is environmental friendly concept that maintains constant temperature and humidity conditions in an energetic efficient manner. The solution is commercial worldwide.

By using CannabiSolution the grower can:

  • Maintain constant climate conditions.
  • Prevent humidity diseases, thus reduce the needs for pesticide.
  • Keep homogeneous climate conditions in all parts of the greenhouse.
  • Improve the yield (quality and quantity).
  • Save energy.
  • Contribute to a greener environment.
  • Improve his control of the growing process.
  • Reduce the CO2 emission.
  • Enjoy additional benefits.

DryGair concept is Patent protected

Brands: DryGair Energies Ltd. together with the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization, designed, developed and markets an efficient and environmental friendly dehumidification solution.