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Welcome to Kiinja Corporation- SCCO2 Extraction Specialists

Kiinja - Pure Extract - Fully Automated Solutions for Extraction

Our systems are controlled and monitored electronically via a PLC eliminating the need for highly trained operators.  All valving is done electronically (no manual valves) so the extraction process cane be consistent and repeatable.  Values can be saved into the memory for process control from run to run.  The systems can be programed to start automatically at specific times and start preheating so it is ready to go once an operator arrives.  The systems take approximately 3.5 minutes to get to highest pressure available.  After a run, the “clean” function will release the cylinder and allow it to be pulled out and rotated for easy cleaning.  Without the use of tools, the cylinders can be pulled out and prepared for loading.  The cylinder can be rotated (90 degrees) and the filter taken out to easily load the organics and clean the cylinder.  As the system is running, it will provide real time data of the extraction process.   Our systems have ability to operate at pressures between 1,500 and 10,000 psi and flow rates for CO2 up to 5 liters per minute making our systems well-suited for a broad range of botanicals.


Kiinja Kinetic Series