Knalysis Technologies

Fredericton,  NB 
  • Booth: 2726

Knalysis Technologies is part of the Canada House Wellness Group, a publicly-traded Canadian company with one of the largest networks of cannabis clinics in Canada. Knalysis envisioned a need for health technology connecting every aspect of the medical marijuana field, and pioneered software to seamlessly link physician, provider, and patient.  Purpose-built in our own clinics, Knalysis’ suite of software has been battle-tested with our 10,000+ patients; treating a broad range of ailments and symptoms.

A lot of organizations are tracking seed to sale in the cannabis space.  We’re tracking retail to results.

Knalysis Technologies goes beyond word of mouth, closing the data loop by quantifying what is truly working for patients treating their symptoms with cannabis. Our suite of fully-customizable, cloud-based software benefits patients, clinics, dispensaries and growers by arming them with the information they need to determine what products and strains to take, prescribe, stock and grow.

Brands: Knalysis Wellness Tracker Application, Analytics Web Portal, Cannabis Patient Manager


Cannabis Patient Manager
Knalysis Wellness Tracker