Orange Photonics Inc.

New London,  NH 
United States
  • Booth: 2009

Join us at the product launch event, 3-4pm, Tuesday, May 10!

LightLab Marijuana Potency Analysis

LightLab is your new quality assurance tool! We've leveraged revolutionary photonics technology to make this lab-grade marijuana potency analyzer, field ready. Run a sample, get immediate results. It's that simple.

LightLab Brochure

  • Potency profile - On-site, real time THC-A, Delta-9-THC, CBD-A, and CBD sample concentration data
  • Maximize revenue - Manage production inputs to boost product consistency
  • Rugged, portable - LightLab is as much at home in a lab as it is in the field
  • Accurate and repeatable results - Streamlined testing methodology quickly delivers results you can rely on
  • Easy to use - Minimal technical training is needed to get up and running
  • Affordable - Designed from the ground-up to be cost effective

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Drop by booth 1306 for a demo or join us at our Product Launch Event at the MJBiz Spring 2016 event on Tuesday, May 10 from 3-4pm. Email, call, text or follow us on social media! We look forward to hearing from you.

Brands: LightLab is a new, quality assurance tool providing THC-A, Delta-9, CBD-A and CBD data in under ten minutes.