Mammoth Microbes

Fort Collins,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 1313

MAMMOTH P significantly increases cannabis quality and yield

Growcentia develops organically certified microbial plant growth stimulants that enable growers to sustainably maximize plant health and yield. Our first product, MAMMOTH P® is an organic, liquid microbial soil additive that acts as a catalyst to maximize plant NUE to significantly increase cannabis yield. The microbes in MAMMOTH P™ can unlock bound nutrients, transforming nutrients back into plant available forms, maximizing P and micronutrient availability to significantly increase plant nutrient uptake and cannabis yield by at least 16% (which represents at least a 20:1 ROI to producers).

MAMMOTH P® was developed at Colorado State University using our microbial trait selection platform, where we screened millions of soil microbes to identify those that most effectively facilitated plant P uptake. Our platform allows us to produce very effective multi-species microbial formulations. Our novel platform allows us to achieve exceptional shelf stability in our products up to at least 18 months. MAMMOTH P® is compatible across all nutrient lines and growth media, including soil, soil-less, and recirculating hydroponic systems.

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