O2 Grow

Excelsior,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: 623

O2 Grow: "Get out of the Stone Age"

O2 Grow, a division of the Oxygen Research Group LLC, is the exclusive worldwide licensee for patented technology that significantly increases the level of dissolved oxygen in water.

Air stones are inefficient at raising the dissolved oxygen level (ppm) in water. Air stones simply "blow" ambient air through the water. The O2 Grow patented technology elevates the dissolved oxygen levels 50% more than air stones through electrolysis without increasing the temperature of your water. The O2 Grow technology actually "manufactures" 100% pure oxygen by separating the water molecule.

It's well documented that oxygen is needed to help activate microbes, prevent root disease and ultimately increase yield. Increased oxygen to the root zone has shown to increase the speed of plant growth, size of the root ball, number and size of flowers, and nutrient uptake.

O2 Grow is changing how the world waters plants!