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United States
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PIC-SFC provides the most advanced CO2 extraction systems

PIC-SFC Inc. provides the most advanced CO2 SFE (extraction) and SFC (chromatography) systems in the world that are very quiet, fast and robust. 

We are the only company in the industry that will allow the oppertor to have one method of un-inteuped opperation that allows you to separte the Terpenes (patent applied for), from the oils, and the waxes, plus if you desire Shatter the system has the ability to provided that directly from the system with out any post extraction processing.

Our systems have a pump that is matched with the size of the vessels, which simply means that if you have an extraction time on a 5 liter vessel system you will have about the same extraction time on a 20 liter vessel system.

All of the systems have redundent safety systems both electronic, since the system is entirly computer controlled and machanical, and they all meet the rigid standards required by the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is our primary customer, and they all are built ASME standards

No other systems in the world can provide the features, speed, quiet opperation and robustness of a PIC-SFC system.