Welcome to the International Exhibitor Portal for the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show.  Please follow the steps below to ensure you have a successful exhibition.

Step 1: Log In with your Password.    


Step 2: Edit booth information 

Click on the booth number that you wish to edit.  Then click on Edit Booth Info and add the company’s information that will be exhibiting in this booth. 

The information you enter will be used for the Official Show Directory (printed version).  The deadline to submit your information is May 3, 2018.  After the deadline, any changes you make will only be available online and in the mobile app


Step 3: Enter your Show Specials   

Click on the booth number that you wish to add a show special to.  Then click on Show Specials  and enter a title and description of a show special this company will have during the Fancy Food Show.  Show Specials are searchable by Attendees and could increase traffic to your booth


Step 4: Exhibitor Services

Be sure to check out the additional information tab at the top which will provide you with everything you need to begin preparing for the show. 


Having Technical Issues? Please email support@a2zinc.net to contact an a2z support team member.