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Get them back in the game faster.

SportsWrap® by PolyMem® Benefits You and Your Athletes

SportsWrap dressings were created specifically to manage athletic injuries. For you, that means quicker (more effective) management of the injury. For your athlete, that means a quicker return to game-level performance.  From the onset of application, SportsWrap helps suppress the spread of inflammation, swelling and bruising, and thereby helps reduce pain.

For Open Wounds, Create an Optimal Healing Environment and Provide Pain Relief

Where athletes have open wounds, PolyMem or Shapes® by PolyMem dressings can be used alone or beneath SportsWrap. Shapes are pre-cut dressings that fit wounds right out of the package. PolyMem and Shapes are sterile, unique and drug-free dressings that have the following ingredients to help create the ideal healing environment:

  • GLYCERIN – Provides moisturizing and comfort
  • SURFACTANT – Cleanses the injured area
  • SUPERABSORBENT – Absorbs and holds fluids
  • SEMIPERMEABLE FILM BACKING – Protects and serves as a liquid barrier while allowing gas (O2 and CO2 ) exchange and vapor transmission

PolyMem is also available with antimicrobial silver

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