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Hydralyte for Sport and Exercise

Vigorous or prolonged physical activity (i.e. during endurance sport or exercise) can lead to an increase in your body’s core temperature.

This usually results in a higher sweat rate, leading to the loss of bodily fluids and electrolytes, which can cause mild to moderate dehydration.

When playing sport or exercising you can lose 1–2 L of sweat per hour, which may lead to mild to moderate dehydration!

Staying well hydrated is a necessity during sport and exercise.

Dehydration can impact your performance.  Optimal sports performance requires an athlete to be at their peak – physically and mentally. When exercising you lose fluid and electrolytes through sweat which can cause dehydration.

Benefits of Hydralyte
Replacing lost fluids and electrolytes with an oral rehydration solution (Hydralyte) is the most important aspect of managing dehydration.
Hydralyte is a scientifically formulated Oral Rehydration Solution based on the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for oral rehydration therapy.

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Brands: Hydralyte is a scientifically formulated oral rehydration solution which contains the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes for rapid rehydration.

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