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Thank you for checking our Shoulder Injury Simulation Model.

The IS (ez) model is short for Injury Simulation model. It is designed for use in medical schools, sports medicine programs, and other healthcare institutions.  Medical students and students from other healthcare professions are not typically allowed to practice many complex skills on live patients.  It is the fact that the sooner you reduce dislocated joint, the less pain a patient suffers and the faster recovery time.  The sooner healthcare professional can reduce dislocated joint on the field or at the scene, the less money will be involved such as EMS fee, ER fee, ER doctor fee, ER procedure fee, supply fee, staff fee, deductible on health insurance.  However, it does not happen often.  Because it takes time to see injuries and see how to solve the issue. The IS model is the solution. It allows students to practice the skill as many as they need and they want and gain proficiency in these complex skills in order to become better healthcare professionals. 

Brands: Our 1st model is Shoulder Injury Simulation Model. It can recreate shoulder dislocation and you can use it to practice the reduction skill as many as you want.

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