2021 National PTA Convention & Expo Terms & Conditions 

The applicant hereby applies to participate in the 2021 National PTA Convention & Expo, to be held virtually, subject to the terms and conditions of this Application and Agreement. The Application must be accompanied by at least a 50% deposit for the total virtual booth charges and is not binding unless and until accepted by National PTA via confirmation letter. If the Application is accepted by National PTA, the Application shall form the agreement between the applicant and National PTA as to the terms and conditions of the applicant’s participation in the National PTA Convention & Expo. 

This Application and Agreement, and the parties’ rights hereunder, shall be governed by Virginia law. Applicants for virtual exhibit and or sponsor space are required to submit to National PTA the PTA Screening Form, accompanied by the Exhibitor Application Form. To be valid, each Application must include at least a 50% deposit for booth rental charges and must specify products scheduled for exhibition and/or all materials to be distributed. The Exhibitor Application Form, formal notice of assignment and acceptance by National PTA, and full payment of rental charges constitute a contract for the right to use this space. Exhibitors who have not paid past booth rental fees will be refused space until fees are paid in full. 

Virtual Booth Rental Fees 

The applicant agrees to pay the fee allocated to the virtual booth(s) assigned as follows:  

  • Basic Virtual Exhibitor Package: $750.00
  • Premium Virtual Exhibitor Package: $1,000.00 

Details of the packages are outlined on the 2021 National PTA Convention and Expo website.  

 A 50% deposit (of a booth's full price) is required in order to reserve a booth. After April 30th, 2021, full payment must accompany virtual booth reservations. 

Restrictions in Operation of Exhibits 

National PTA reserves the right to restrict exhibitors from participation at its sole discretion. Virtual Exhibits that, for any reason determined by show management  reason, become objectionable may be closed. National PTA may prohibit or evict any part of or all of a virtual  exhibit that in the opinion of National PTA may detract from the general character of the exhibition as a whole. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct,  links, videos, downloads or other digital materials or anything of a character that National PTA determines is objectionable or contrary to the exhibition. In the event of such restriction or eviction, National PTA is not liable for  refunds of any exhibit related expenses. Drawings and raffles are permitted within the exhibitor’s virtual booth space only and are subject to any applicable requirements of local law. 

Failure to Pay Rental Fee 

If an exhibitor fails to make a payment when due, such exhibitor’s rights to exhibit may be canceled by National PTA without further notice. National PTA shall be entitled to close an exhibit at any time for failure by any exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, employees, or representatives to perform, meet, or observe any term or condition set forth herein, and such exhibitor shall not be entitled to a refund of any part of any fee. Failure to pay a rental fee of contracted space in the current year will exclude an exhibitor from further participation in future years. 


In the event that war, fire, strike, government regulation, public catastrophe, act of God, the public enemy, etc., prevents the show or any part thereof from being held, National PTA shall determine and refund to the applicant its proportionate share of the balance of the aggregate exhibit fees received that remains after deducting all show-related fees, costs and expenses, but in no case shall the amount of the refund to the applicant exceed the amount of the booth rental fee paid. 

Liability and Insurance 

The exhibitor understands that National PTA does not maintain insurance covering the exhibitor or its content and it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain said insurance. Neither National PTA, its management, officers shall be held accountable or liable for, and the same are hereby released from accountability or liability for, any damage, loss, harm, or injury to any person or property from exhibitor’s content. 


The exhibitor agrees to protect, save, and hold National PTA, and all agents and employees, servants, and officials thereof (hereinafter collectively called Indemnities) forever harmless for any damages or charges imposed for violations of any law or ordinance, whether occasioned by the negligence of the exhibitors or those holding under the exhibitor. Further, the exhibitor shall, at all times, protect, indemnify, save, and hold harmless the Indemnities against and from any and all losses, costs, damages, liability or expenses (including attorney’s fees) by reason of any action or omission of the exhibitor or its agents.  

Selection of Exhibitors 

Only firms and organizations whose nonpartisan and non-sectarian services or products are appropriately related, in the sole judgment of National PTA, to families, children/youth, and the charitable or educational activities of National PTA shall be permitted to exhibit. National PTA reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit that, in its sole judgment, is inappropriate, this reservation being all-inclusive as to persons, things, printed matter, products, and conduct. National PTA reserves the right to request corporate information during the approval process for exhibitors. No exhibitor shall request PTA delegates to lobby any governmental agency or official. Participation in the PTA National Convention & Expo does not constitute endorsement of any product, service, or position by National PTA. 


The exhibitor shall have the right to cancel this Agreement at any time by written notice to National PTA. Cancellations made before April 30, 2021, will receive a refund less 50% of the price of the total virtual booth. After April 30, 2021, no refunds will be made. Under all circumstances, National PTA retains the right to resell any virtual booth space cancelled by the exhibitor. 

Additional Rules 

National PTA reserves the right to establish and enforce additional rules and regulations to further the goals of the exhibition. The exhibitor agrees to comply with them. 

Expectations of Civility 

National PTA is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and harassment-free event and experience for everyone attending our Convention. All participants are expected to behave with common courtesy and civility, and conduct themselves in a polite, appropriate and respectful manner, including respecting individual differences and disagreeing with respect. National PTA does not tolerate incivility or harassment of any kind and we prohibit discrimination for any reason. If anyone feels harassed or notices that our expectations of civility are not being met, they should contact National PTA staff or a National PTA Board Officer. National PTA reserves the right to take appropriate action to address any individual it believes fails to meet our expectations of civility, including expelling the individual from the conference without refund and prohibiting attendance at future events. 

These rules and regulations become a part of the contract between the exhibitor and National PTA. They have been formulated in the best interest of the exhibitors. National PTA respectfully asks the full cooperation of exhibitors in their observance of these rules and regulations. All points not covered are subject to the decision of National PTA or its designated show management. 

Use of Name and Logo 

The name “National PTA” or use of PTA’s logo is not permitted unless permission has been specifically granted under separate contract. Any exhibitor utilizing PTA’s logo without permission will be asked to remove it from its materials. 

The acronyms “PTA” or “PTSA” cannot be utilized in any advertiser’s materials without approval from National PTA’s Director of Resource Development for specific use as purchased. National PTA copyrights both names. No other use is authorized. 

Content Restrictions 

Exhibitors cannot promote lobbying of any government agency or official. 

Exhibitors cannot disseminate information that is political or religious in nature. 

Exhibitors’ materials must be in accordance with National PTA’s position statements and resolutions, and any advertiser whose products, services or materials are in direct opposition to National PTA’s position statements or resolutions will not be approved.

Advertising that promotes school fundraisers must refrain from exploiting children. 
Exhibitors cannot have a commercial interest in any of the following, regardless of the educational nature of the proposed product or program:   

  • Tobacco 
  • Firearms   
  • Alcohol   
  • Adult Content   
  • Gambling

National PTA may reject any exhibitors, advertisement or commercial content at any time, for any reason.  

Virtual Access 

National PTA is not liable for any loss sustained by the participant as a result of the participant’s or any third party’s failure to access the conference website, or as a result of any breakdowns, software errors, incomplete or inaccurate transfer of information.  

Deadline for Materials 

The exhibitor is responsible for creating and providing booth content to National PTA by the determined deadline. If the exhibitor fails to respond in a timely manner for content or otherwise fails to deliver content, National PTA shall be under no obligation to change the dates of the event or provide a refund. National PTA reserves the right to prohibit, limit or discontinue the distribution of gifts, giveaways or similar promotions.  


The parties agree that this agreement (and any other agreement referred to herein) contain the complete agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior understandings, agreements, or representations by or between the parties, written or oral, which may have related to the subject matter hereof in any way. The person submitting the application on the exhibitor’s behalf shall be deemed to have full authority to do so and shall have no right to claim against National PTA that such person or persons did not have such authority.  

Acceptance of an exhibitor does not indicate an endorsement by National PTA of the products or services promoted, the company, or the claims made. 

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