Maximum Survival Gear

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Targeting your tactical and survival needs.

Offering a full line of MTM Case-Gard products, Benchmade Knives,  Zero Tolerance knives, Guardian Tactical OTF knives, Colt Lights, and more.

Brands: MTM Case-Gard, Benchmade, Zero Tolerance, Guardian Tactical, Colt Lights, and more.


  • MTM Case-Gard Product Line
    Offering a full line of MTM products:
    *small, medium, and large ammo crates
    *3-can and 4-can systems with trays
    *pistol cases for 3, 4, or 6 pistols
    *tactical mag cans
    *pistol and rifle racks
    *can organizers
    *ammo belt pouches
    *and more

  • MTM Case-Gard products are proudly made in the USA with high quality materials. 

    Although designed for ammo storage, the various sizes of ammo crates are also great for carrying and storing your other outdoor, shooting, survival, or hunting gear.  These ultra-strong crates are made from high-impact polypropylene plastic and can hold from 65 to 100 pounds. Features the molded-in stacking ridges.

    Tactical carrying crate systems allow you to transport multiple types of ammo or gear.  Versatile, sturdy, and stackable.

    Tactical mag cans offer a way to safely store your magazines, while also making them easily accessible and ready for quick transport.

    Tactical Pistol Cases keep your handguns protected.  Comes in multiple sizes: 3-Pistol, 4-Pistol, and 6-Pistol.  Still has room to store magazines or other gear.

    Ammo Can Organizers come in a set of 3.  They turn any metal or plastic 50 cal can into a 22 compartment organizer. These stackable organizers also resist oil and grease. 

    We offer many more MTM products, too!


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