Quickload Revolver Speedloader Systems

Greenville,  SC 
United States
  • Booth: 447

Finally, a new way speedload your revolver!

QuickLoad speedloaders are intelligently designed, tested by Law Enforcement, and proven in thousands of uses.  The QuickLoad StripLoader is a hybrid strip design that is simple, reliable, faster to use than linear strip speedloaders,  and is more secure to pocket or purse carry The QuickLoad RoundLoader positively chambers all rounds with one straight-line motion, is fluted and compact to clear most revolver grips and frames, and gives audible and tactile feedback.  The matching QuickCases protect your hollow points, prevent inadvertant "strip-offs", and are simple to use.    

Brands: StripLoader- faster loading than linear speed strips. RoundLoader- loads all cartridges in one step. QuickCase- a protective case for StripLoaders and RoundLoaders.


  • QuickLoad RoundLoader
    A simple, two-piece, no knob design for compact revolvers. Intelligently designed, tested by Law Enforcement, and proven in thousands of uses....

  • QuickLoad 38 Spl/357 Mag RoundLoaders are a new Patented round speedloader design. They are for use with 5-shot compact revolvers, have an improved cartridge retention system that makes them easier to load without fear of cartridge strip-off, are more ergonomic and "pocketable" than comparable round speedloaders, are much faster than strip-type speedloaders and slightly faster than the QuickLoad StripLoaders (hybrid strip), have a simple two-piece design with no knobs to twist, and require no fine motor skills to use.   To use, present the speedloader to the revolver cylinder, slide the cartridges into the chambers, and keep pushing to positively chamber the rounds. The RoundLoader gives both audible and tactile feedback to let you know that the revolver is loaded.   No jiggling.   No depending on gravity to chamber the cartridges.  QuickLoad RoundLoaders mate with QuickLoad QuickCases to create a compact, protective, and accessable carry system for pocket or purse.  The RoundLoader also fits standard speedloader belt pouches.
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