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Bait Up is an innovative and unique line of Live Bait Containers.  If you have been using a bait bucket, a bait can, or a bait jar, you will want to switch to the Bait will be the last bait container you will ever need.  Bait Up's Floating Basket Technology brings live bait to your fingertips!  No more bulky buckets, chasing your bait with a net, or getting your hands wet trying to retrieve your bait.  Bait Up is perfect for the walking and wading angler, ice fishing angler, or fishing from a kayak or canoe.  Bait Up can be worn with a lanyard, or tucked in the pocket of your vest.  

Brands: Bait Up 20 Live Bait Containers, Bait Up 35 Live Bait Containers

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  • Bait Up's innovative Live Bait Containers are making their mark in fishing industry.   Whether you are an Ice Fisherman, Stream/Creek/Lake/Pond Angler, or enjoy fishing from a Kayak or a Canoe, Bait Up provides the most convenient way to carry your live bait!

    The new patented design offers an innovative way to keep live-bait alive and active while you fish in all conditions. Bait Up features a dual-lid design which allows for quick and easy bait selection from the Select end, while the Fill end eliminates bait loss when the angler needs to refresh low oxygenated water.  Patented Floating Basket Technology TM  raises the bait right to your fingertips and eliminates the unwanted task of submerging your hands in icy cold water when choosing bait of your liking. The durable clear container allows anglers to constantly monitor their bait’s activity, making it easy to tell when the water needs to be refreshed. Bait Up’s compact size and lightweight design adds convenience to using live bait, completely ridding you of the need for larger, bulkier, heavy to carry bait buckets.

    Versatility is another added bonus for the Bait Up personal carry live bait container.  Not only is it habitable for different types of bait, including minnows,crayfish, sandfleas,  leeches, hellgrammites, and more, its portability makes it a great addition to any fisherman’s gear.

    Bait Up live bait containers come with identical lids and an attachable lanyard.  The included lanyard allows it to be worn or carried making it the convenient choice for the wading and walking angler. The identical lids allow Bait Up to be placed into a holder, sit flat on the ice, or carried in a pocket, which is perfect for kayaking, canoeing and ice fishing.

    Bait Up has seen nothing but positive reviews since its inception. One user, James Swearingen said, “Bait Up is top notch, a must have product for bait fisherman wading creeks in Pennsylvania for steelhead, bass, trout, and any other game fish. I would recommend this product to any one of my friends!”

    Another user, Tyler Frantz, praises Bait Up for “taking the concept of a minnow bucket to a whole new level, inventively simplifying the process of storing, maintaining, and retrieving live fishing bait.”

    What is most exciting about Bait Up containers is that there is nothing like it on the market.  They are portable, and solve a lot of the problems anglers have struggled with for years while trying to fish with live bait. 

    Stop by out booth # 2322 at the Great American Outdoor Show for a free product demonstration.

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  • Bait Up 20 Live Bait Container
    Portable, Durable Live Bait Container. Floating Basket Technology. Patented Design...

    • Easy to Use
    • Dual Lid Design
    • Floating Basket Technology brings bait to your fingertips
    • Clear container allows monitoring of bait activity
    • Lanyard allows container to be worn/carried conveniently while wading/walking stream banks
    • No bulky bucket, no nets, no cold wet hands
    • Refresh the water without losing bait! Eliminates oxygen tablets or aeroraters!
    • Excellent for Ice Fishing, Kayak & Canoe Fishing, Stream Bank or Wading
    • Carries minnows, leeches, sand fleas, hellgrammites, crayfish, more!
    • Can float in a live well or troll along a kayak or canoe
    • SIZE: 7″ tall x 3″ round
    • HOLDS: 20oz. of water and can carry smaller sizes or amounts of live bait.
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