FNG Innovations

Vacaville,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 741

See in the dark, like you do in the day!

Creating a safe night time environment is a passion of ours.  Humans are blessed to have multiple senses, vision, hearing, taste, touch, etc.  Of those, Vision is the one most compromised when using everyday flashlight technology.  Our Peripheral vision gives us the ability to see anything within an ~130° wide area, enabling "Fight or Flight" reaction in the shortest time frame, yet beams emitted from current flashlight technology cover an only ~60° wide area.  Sure, they are brighter, have more powerful batteries, smaller & more rugged, but in reality, the round beam pattern hasn't changed in over 100 years. Since you can only see where the light is pointed, you are essentionally blind to everything else.  Our Morphalite® brand Wide Beam Flashlights provide a beam that covers an ~160° wide area, enabling you to see in the dark, like you do in the day...with Peripheral Vision.  Please visit us at booth 741 to see a demo.

Brands: Our "Morphalite®" brand flashlight is the industry's only useful Wide Beam flashlight. Human vision covers over a 130º wide area, and our flashlights cover an ~160º wide area.



 Press Releases

  • FNG Innovations, Inc., Booth 741, is proud to show off our Morphalite® PRO-AB-500 Wide Beam Flashlight.  Unlike other flashlights, our Morphalite® brand flashlights throw a beam covering an astonishing ~160° wide area, enabling never before possible, Peripheral Vision in the dark.  Our PRO-AB-500 has the added benefit of providing a wide beam with uniform intensity, eliminating Glare & Hot Spots, saving your night vision, and making it the best portable Task Light available.  The PRO-AB-500 is the only tool you need to maximize your Situational Awareness.  When you can see more of your surroundings, you have the Tactical Advantage.  Control your Environment!


  • Morphalite® PRO-AB-500 Wide Beam Flashlight
    Wide Beam Flashlight-500 Lumen LED output before lens system, providing a uniform intensity beam that covers an ~160° wide area....

  • Get Maximum Situational Awareness & a Tactical Advantage.  With a single PRO-AB-500, you can control your environment, because you can see everything around you.  Never go into a Tactical situation again, hampered by a round beam that limits your field of view!
    The PRO-AB-500 throws a Wide Beam with a uniform beam intensity, making it an outstanding Task Light.  NO Glare, NO Hot spots, means maximum retention of your night vision.  
    With its custom optics, the PRO-AB-500 wide beam can be single handedly adjusted, reducing the beam height, while increasing the beam intensity by up to 30%.  This is great for increasing viewing distance without drawing more power from the battery.
    500 Lumen LED output; 5 Modes-High, Mid, Low, Strobe, SOS; Adjustable Beam Height; Machined Aluminum Body; Rugged ABS Lens Housing; High Impact Acrylic Lens; Water Resistant-IPX4; Pocket Clip; 18650 Lithium rechargeable battery; AC/DC Charger