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YOUR TARGET was started because of th need to have a high quality target that would withstand the punishment of rifle rounds starting at 100yards and beyond. As we all know- different rounds = diffirent punch. For people who want to purchase my targets- I like to get a feel for what they are shoopting (caliber) at what distance do they have to shoot. Hense- I do not have an e-commerce website. You will fill out your shopping cart, push done, and I will be noticfied there is a pending. at that time I will call you, confirm your order, ask a few questions, and dicuss form of payment. I will let you know if is in stock, lead time to fabricate it, and decide on shipping, pick-up or delivery options.

The targets you purchase today have evolved greatly from the beginning of manufacturing. The differante materials that are now being used are better, bigger, and safer- to give the shooter maximum safety and long lasting enjoyment.

YOUR TARGET offers a selection of frames: Quick-shot or Monster targets: HGM for (most) hand guns, and 1/2" Certified AR500" steel for the long guns. As well as  the largest selection animals.

Once you shoot a steel target-you will never go back to shooting paper.


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  • With the latest developement of our newest "Commercial Grade Target System" I am able & comfortable to offer a discount to the range owners that specialize & offer their ranges to any & all of the men and women in blue and current or former military personel. I am a proud American that stands behind the women and men who serve our country day-in & day-out. America is the best, and when you "Aim for the Best" you will be shooting at a target from "YOUR TARGET".


  • Commercal Grade 1000 yard range
    10 targets- starting with a 5"@100 yards, increasing by 5" every 100 yards, ending with a 50" target @ 1000 yards...

  • 10) targets: 5" at 100yards..........50" at 1000yards