Heizer Defense LLC

Pevely,  MO 
United States
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Heizer Is a 60 year old Aerospace company that manufactures large "fracture critical" components for the military and commercial aerospace industry. Heizer Defense, established  6 years ago, is best known for the radical "Pocket Pistol" family. Large rifle calibers in a small concealed carry pistol package. They are introducing the world's smallest 45ACP semi on the market, the PKO-45, an ideal CCW. Designed from the ground up as a concealed carry/home defense pistol. It features a fixed barrel under guide rod configuration.  This results in an accurate pistol with minimal muzzel rise.  When you apply these feature benefits into a 9mm platform, you get a very soft shooting easy to rack pistol, the PKO-9.  The Hedy Jane line, designed for women, also has these same feature but with fasionable color choices.   

Brands: Heizer Defense PS1, PAR1, PAK1, Hedy Jane Empowered Line, The Heizer Defense PKO-45 & PKO-9


  • PKO-45
    PKO-45 is the worlds thinnest 45acp at just .8" wide, making it an ideal concealed carry pistol. It features an fixed barrel under guide rod configuration that equals low muzzle rise, recoil, and accuracy. Please visit HEIZERDEFENSE.COM....

  • The design of the PKO-45 began from the ground up as a concealed carry / home defense pistol.  It actually started on a napkin, at a restaurant where Charlie Heizer said, “I have the design for a pistol, that can shoot the mighty 45ACP, be very thin, and very controllable.”  As big fans of the 45ACP, Heizer Defense decided to start there, moving down in caliber later.  In order to tame the 45ACP, Charlie reversed the guide rod spring and barrel, with the goal of lowering the bore axis to reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil.  This goal was definitely achieved but with many added benefits.  First of all, the pistol is the thinnest 45ACP semi-automatic on the market, even dimensionally smaller than most compact 9mms.  This thinness and rounded contours makes it ideal for concealed carry.  The fixed barrel under guide rod configuration also makes it very reliable with less moving parts.  It is a straight feed into the chamber making it less ammo sensitive.  Being a fixed barrel also makes it very accurate.  The PKO-45 is a tiny 45ACP that shoots more like a full size 1911.  Couple all these attributes and make the pistol out of 100% U.S. Aerospace grade stainless steel makes for a very accurate, reliable, concealable, big caliber, easy handling pistol.