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Dark Alley Denim Co.

Russiaville,  IN 
United States
  • Booth: 4823

The first women’s concealed carry jeans with integrated, ambidextrous conceal pockets designed to safely carry a personal self-defense tool or phone while still feeling classy. Proudly made in the USA.

 Press Releases

  • Dark Alley Denim Co. Redefines Concealed Carry for Women,

    Available for preorder March 2019

    FOREST, INDIANA (January 31, 2019)—Dark Alley Denim Co. is making strides to

    redefine what it means for women to conceal carry. Created and founded by Joelle and

    Jared Orem in 2017, the couple is working tirelessly to ensure exclusive customer

    experiences by providing women with a discrete way to conceal carry while also offering

    a product that flatters a woman’s body.

    The initial signature jean is a dark-wash skinny fit, which Joelle suggests can be dressed

    up or down.

    “They’re transitional and meant for a day in the office—given that office permits conceal

    carry, or for a girls night out,” she said.

    To ensure the best quality, the couple is sourcing the best material. Each pair of jeans

    will be produced from raw denim, meaning that it has not been post-washed, distressed

    or tampered with by the manufacturer. According to Joelle, this leaves the wearing and

    tearing up to the customer.

    “The denim has one percent elastane, so it will retain its shape a lot better and over time

    they will mold to your body,” she said. “It’s unique because most jeans now, we are

    seeing as being paper-thin, extremely stretchy, and they lose their shape quickly. You’re

    paying lots of money for your jeans to come pre-aged.”

    As a new mom (as of 2016), Joelle understands what it’s like to live a busy lifestyle. She

    said with constantly being on the go, trying to adjust an “outdated holster” was becoming

    more of a chore than a tool.

    “Most women, generally speaking, don’t want to add another thing to our day,” she said.

    “It doesn’t make you feel confident, sexy or pretty. A lot of times I’m bending down and

    putting shoes on my toddler, the last thing I want to do is crouch down with a holster.”

    Keeping this in mind, each pair of Dark Alley Denim eliminates the stress of having to

    strategically place a holster. The pockets are discrete, and don’t require women to wear

    a belt or a metal clip.

    The first Dark Alley Denim design offers kidney-carry position, with an additional pocket

    for either a cell phone or other defense weapon. Although there are a lot of different

    positions for conceal carry, Joelle said this will serve the everyday woman and mom.

    “A lot of times I have a kid on my hip and I don’t want my child sitting on my firearm in

    front of me. Also bending down during the day, I knew appendix-carry just wasn’t for

    me,” she said.

    Understanding that each woman has a different body type and shape, the first prototype

    dark-wash skinny fit jean with the built-in pocket allows you to carry in a comfortable

    position with easy access. Unlike most conceal built-in conceal pockets; Dark Alley

    Denim has an elastic strap, adjustable for small to mid-size firearms.

    “It’s accommodating in all situations, including the bathroom,” Joelle said jokingly. “But

    seriously, you want it to be placed in a comfortable position so that if you’re sitting all day

    it won’t give you any discomfort. The adjustable strap also helps eliminate the fear that

    someone could get ahold of your firearm. You have to physically unstrap it first.”

    Having practiced in both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, Joelle said the fabric

    allows for the weapon to slide out from the pocket easily, making for a quick draw.

    While both Jared and Joelle want to create a brand and level the playing field, Jared said

    the ultimate goal is creating more success stories. As a local firefighter, Jared explained

    that his profession has allowed him to see both the good and bad in society—making

    him more aware of what people are thinking.

    “With that, I believe that if a woman can equip herself so that she’s not a victim, that’s

    the most important thing,” he said. “We are a just a small company that wants to help

    people help themselves.”

    Dark Alley Denim is now available for presale and will be providing samples available to

    try on during the show. While they are currently focusing on jeans for women, both Jared

    and Joelle have ideas for brand extensions in the future.

    “The concept behind Dark Alley Denim is so simple. Everybody can relate to denim, it’s

    a classic closet staple,” Joelle said.

    To get connected with Joelle and Jared or for more information on Dark Alley Denim

    Co., please visit


  • The Skinny
    (Available for preorder)
    This modern skinny jean is a closet staple. With a high front rise and reinforced inside lining, your personal firearm is securely positioned in a comfortable, kidney-carry position.

  • This modern skinny jean is a closet staple.  With a high front rise and reinforced inside lining, your personal firearm is securely positioned in a comfortable, kidney carry position.

    Two, ambidextrous rear pockets make carrying easy for any body type - without the daunting task of coordinating a holster to your outfit every time.

    The use of raw denim is what truly sets the quality of these jeans apart. Unlike the artificially distressed denim that has been aged quickly through a wash and distress process, our jeans were designed with quality as the focus.  These jeans will slowly adapt to your unique movement and lifestyle by revealing a beautiful, unique look and fade over time.


    • 360° retention with front shaping panel
    • Durable pocket lining 
    • Patent-pending rear pocket system
    • Ambidextrous conceal pockets
    • Adjustable straps with single-finger release
    • Made in the USA
    • 12 oz. mechanical stretch denim (99% cotton / 1% Elastane)

    Estimated to ship July 2019 

    Please read all disclaimer and liability information prior to purchasing:

    Dark Alley Denim assumes no responsibility for accidents while wearing our pants. Follow all state, federal, and local laws/ordinances for carrying a concealed firearm. Concealed carry at your own risk.

    For information on gun laws, please visit:

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