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Hackett Equipment

Chicago,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 5669

Hackett Equipment is a quickly growing manufacturer of Range Backpack, Rifle Bags, and Shooting Glasses from Chicago, IL.

All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty and have endless 5 star reviews online.

If you are in the market from some quality gear at an awesome price, stop by our booth and get 25% OFF all of our products!!!

Brands: Hackett Equipment

 Show Specials


    Do you need a new gun bag, rifle bag, or shooting glasses at a smoking hot price???

    Hackett Equipment designs innovative solutions to make your life easier for work and the shooting range!

    Stop by and check out our line of 1, 2, and 4 pistol range backpacks.

    See our shooting glasses that everyone has been talking about. 

    Check out our new Rifle Burrito! A rifle backpack that turns into a shooting mat. Great for your truck gun!!!

    All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty and tons of 5 star reviews.

    Get 25% off all our products this weekend only at NRA AM!!!


 Press Releases

  • Rifle Burrito™- Rifle Case/ Backpack, Shooting Mat, and Patch Wall Now Available for Pre-Orders!!!

    Behold, the Rifle Burrito™! Released at the 2019 SHOT Show with a BANG, this dynamic rifle bag attracted significant attention from Influencers, retailers, and the media. And we couldn't wait to bring this product to you. 

    How are you expected to carry a rifle case, a shooting mat, and a patch display to the shooting range? The Hackett Equipment Rifle Burrito™ smartly wraps all of these shooting range accessories into one! You only have two hands, and it’s best to keep one free for quick access to your waist piece...or a taco. With padded backpack straps, both of your hands are freed up to carry even more shooting range accessories...or TWO tacos.

    Available in 36", 42", and 46" lengths, your most prized AR’s won’t have to sit at home in your rifle safe collecting dust.

    How does the Rifle Burrito™ work?

    Simply place your meatiest rifle in the center, wrap it up twice, and get ready to take a bite out of the shooting range!

    Unfold the Rifle Burrito™ and you now have the perfect soft, yet protective shooting mat or table cover.

    Want make the Rifle Burrito™ even zestier? Your patches easily adhere to the Hot Salsa Red interior for everyone at the shooting range to feast their eyes on.

    What makes the deal even better is that every Rifle Burrito™ comes with it's very own signature Rifle Burrito™ patch!

    People love this rifle bag because it's slim and you can put it in your truck or tuck it in a small space like a closet or under the bed. It also has a water resistant pvc coating on the outside so you can stay protected when shooting prone on damp surfaces. 

    What is great is that we've beef'd up the padding on the inside so your rifle will be protected and you can feel comfortable shooting prone on hot surfaces.

    Hackett Equipment truly is making range day more awesome and revolutionizing how we carry firearms to the shooting range! The Rifle Burrito™ is sure to spice up the shooting range and get people talking.

    At the 2019 Shot Show, we've heard multiple people say that they would pay upwards of $150 for this bag. But guess what? We are releasing it to the market at a M.S.R.P. of ONLY $99.99

    Pre-order today for only $74.99!!!

    As always, all of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty


  • Rifle Burrito by Hackett Equipment
    Rifle Burrito™- Rifle Case/ Backpack, Shooting Mat, and Patch Wall....

  • Check out the all-in-one Rifle Burrito™- Rifle Case/ Backpack, Shooting Mat, and Patch Wall.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Slim, lightweight design
    • High-quality construction
    • The best materials money can buy
    • Water resistant exterior 
    • Soft, padded interior
    • Secure firearm storage
    • Backpack straps and padded carrying handle
    • Mobile patch wall
    • Outside MOLLE loops

    Color: Black Bean/ Hot Salsa

    Material: PVC coated and non-coated polyester

    Dimensions Closed: 12.5" x (36", 42", or 46")

    Dimensions Opened: 37.5' x (36", 42", or 46")

    Weight Empty: 3.0 lbs

    Care Instructions: Wipe the outside of the bag with a rag and water and vacuum the inside of the bag gently. 

    Lifetime Warranty.

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