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Rexburg,  ID 
United States
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Pro-Tracker the ultimate tracking device used for archery hunters to recover their game. 

 The Pro-Tracker System easily attaches to any standard arrow of your choice. When the arrow strikes the target, a small Transmitter attaches into the hide of the animal and begins sending location details every 3 seconds to the handheld reciever. The Receiver then tells you the direction and the distance to the animal, and provides continuous updates with pin-point accuracy to lead you within a few yards of your fallen trophy. 10-12 hour battery, water-resistance up to 12 inches.


  • Pro-Tracker System Alpha
    Pro-Tracker® is a bowhunting radio frequency tracking system.
    When the arrow connects with target, the transmitter detaches from a carrier and attaches to the animal’s hide.
    Transmitter emits a radio signal which can be picked up from up to 2 miles away....

  • This package includes everything you need to track and recover your game:

    1 – Radio Frequency Transmitter Alpha.
    Bright Green optimized for high visibility in low light conditions. High tensile strength steel hook with three barbs.
    2 – 7075 Aluminum Carriers – Black Carnivore.
    Made from the 7075 aluminum alloy used in aerospace programs to resist high velocity impacts.
    1 – Tracking Radio Frequency Receiver with Backlit LED Screen.
    Tracks up to 6 transmitters at once and showing the distance from the transmitters.
    1 – YAGI Antenna.
    1 – Practice Dummy Transmitter Alpha.
    For sighting and practice shooting.
    1 – Dual Charger for Transmitters.
    Charges up to 2 Transmitters at once.
    1 – USB Cable for Charger.
    For charging from USB plugs and batteries in the field.
    1 – USB to Edison plug.
    For charging at home from wall outlets.
    1 – Custom Carrying Case.
    Custom built for optimal protection of the system.
    8 – Shear Pins.
    Only a part of a Shear Pin is used for each shot.
    Secure Bands.
    Crossbow Secure Tape is also added to the Crossbow System.
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