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Seal 1  

Coronado,  CA 
United States
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  • SEAL 1 CLP Plus®
    "Green Engineered" Bio-Based, Non-Toxic, Complete Gun Care Products.
    Wipe it on and Wipe it off!!! SEAL 1 CLP Plus® does not get gummy or sticky. It is the only product that you need. SEAL 1 and Done!!!...

  • SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a bio-based, non-toxic product.  It comes in a paste, a liquid, an aerosol, and pre-saturated bore specific patches (SEAL SKINZ™).  They all do the same thing, just different methods of application.

    The best way to use our product is to start with a clean firearm.  You will see that it is not clean.  The SEAL 1 CLP Plus® will remove more carbon that has been left by whatever product you were using before.  Field strip the firearm and cover the entire firearm, inside and out, with the SEAL 1 CLP Plus®.  For the first use I would let it stay on about 15-20 minutes (is not required though), and then wipe the firearm completely dry.  It will take about three cleanings, clean/shoot, clean/shoot, clean/shoot, (normal usage) before the SEAL 1 CLP Plus® has removed whatever product that you were using before, and has “seasoned” the firearm.  SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is safe on all metal, plastic, composite, polymer, leather, and wood.  After the first cleaning you will notice a difference.  And with each successive cleaning you will find that it just gets easier and easier to clean.

    SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a dry lubricant and is designed to work as such.  You will find that malfunctions are virtually eliminated when used properly.

    SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a one and done formulation, no other products are needed to clean, lubricate and protect your firearm.

  • SEAL 1 CLP Plus® SKIT-Rifle/Pistol
    The SKIT-R/P comes with a 1 oz paste, 2 oz liquid, 75 pre-saturated bore patches, pack of (4) 6X6 SEAL SKINZ cloths, microfiber cloth, nylon utility brush, and 2 Ram Rod cotton swabs....

  • This kit will help you decide if you like using the paste or the liquid most.  Or as for most people, help you relize that you will use them both.  The 6X6 SEAL SKINZ are reusable cotton cloths that are pre-saturated with SEAL 1 CLP Plus®.  They are great for keeping in your range bag, at the shop, in your glove box.  When you don't really need to clean but want to keep it protected, you will just wipe ndown the surface and you are good to go.
  • SEAL 1 100% Cotton Cleaning Patches
    SEAL 1 100% Cotton Cleaning Patches are made with the highest quality USA Traditional Napped Cotton Flannel....

  • Our 100% Traditional Napped Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches are in six different sizes from .177cal, .22 - .270cal, .270 - .35cal, .38 - .45cal, .45 - .58cal 20ga, 12 - 16ga.  And they are round just like all the barrels are!!!
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