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TiON, Inc.

Glen Rock,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 3656

TiON, Inc - Titanium(Ti) On! 

Designer and manufacturer of precision titanium sound suppressors featuring patented Gas Indexing Technology (GIT)~9,410,761. Veteran owned and operated! 

Lighten up your firearm and maintain your hearing health with the Minuteman, Grenadier, and Dragoon sound suppressors!  Superb dB rating! All serviceable with standard tools! 


  • GAS INDEXING TECHNOLOGY (GIT)~U.S. Patent 9,410,761

Brands: Rimfire to 5.7x28: MINUTEMAN Pistol: GRENADIER 9 / GRENADIER 45 All Common threads Rifle: DRAGOON 5.56 DRAGOON 7.62 DRAGOON .338 DRAGOON .450B Direct or Quick Detach

 Press Releases

  • Glen Rock, PA, April 25, 2019– TiON proudly introduces the revolutionary Dragoon .338 Rifle Suppressor configured as a Quick Detach (QD) model utilizing Total Breakdown Technology (TBT).

    “I always get excited about exhibiting at the NRA Annual Meeting. With so many of our customers and future customers attending the show, I expect a tremendous reception to our latest Titanium Rifle Suppressor,” says Scott Morris, TiON President."

    Lighten up the end of your rifle with TiON's all Titanium suppressors, mounts, muzzle breaks and flash hiders.  In a market where heavy, welded, non-serviceable designs with steel mounts have been the norm, the Dragoon .338 QD distinguishes itself with an ALL Titanium takedown design. The Dragoon .338 is machined from solid Titanium bar stock eliminating any weld or failure points.  TBT allows this robust, durable and lightweight suppressor to be serviceable down to the piece parts with common tools.  But if that is not enough, the sound reduction across its entire caliber range is superb for its 9.5” length, 1 3/4” diameter and 22.75 oz. weight, making it a true industry leader.

    Our customer Harry said it all, “this is the only rifle suppressor I need, it will cover my needs from .22LR thru the .338 caliber rifles I have, and I won’t get tired of carrying it around.”

    If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Scott Morris at 717.870.7202 or email Follow us at 


  • Dragoon .338
    The Dragoon .338 Quick Detach achieves top rated sound reduction from .22 LR thru .338 Lapua for your multiple rifle caliber needs. Machined from solid titanium bar and completely serviceable using common tools. Booth 3656...

  • TiON, Inc

    Titanium (Ti) ON with TiON 

    The revolutionary Dragoon .338 Suppressor, configured as a Quick Detach (QD) model, utilizes Total Breakdown Technology (TBT).  TBT allows the user to remove, clean and service ALL components using common tools. The Dragoon .338 QD distinguishes itself with a serviceable design that is machined from solid Titanium bar stock that eliminates any welds or failure points and creates an extremely robust and light weight suppressor. Top rated sound reduction is achieved across the entire caliber range from .22 LR thru .338 Lapua creating a truly universal suppressor for your multiple rifle caliber requirements.  All titanium mounts, muzzle breaks and flash hiders further decrease the weight on the end of your rifle.  One Titanium QD mount is included with each suppressor purchase and additional Titanium mounts, muzzle breaks or flash hiders may be purchased separately for use with a variety of rifle caliber platforms. Plus, the TiON QD design provides total repeatability!  When the suppressor is removed and reattached to the rifle platform at a later time, the point of impact shift related to reattachment is eliminated!  See the complete TiON product line at Booth 3656 

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