Training For Concealed Carry: Focusing On Developing Essential Skills

  • Room: 360BE
Saturday,May 28, 2022:2:00 PM -3:00 PM


Seminar Speaker
Jeff Gonzales


In this presentation, ideas and strategies for how to train to carry concealed on an everyday basis is addressed. We start off by defining what is “everyday carry” along with how it fits into your lifestyle. With resources limited such as time and ammunition, prioritizing the essential skills should be your goal. We discuss the top three essential skills most likely needed for the responsible citizen during a defensive gun use scenario; marksmanship, drawstroke and strong hand only. Establishing an understanding of the minimum standard; which separates skilled versus unskilled. Many defensive gun uses occur at distances where marksmanship can be subordinate to speed, but a common mistake is forgoing marksmanship development in the beginning. Developing a smooth and quick drawstroke from concealed can heavily emphasize the outcome of a violent encounter. Learning to draw not just from a standing position, but seated and supine represent the second essential skill. Starting with a freestyle shooting technique using both hands helps to build your marksmanship skill. Considering the close proximity in many of these scenarios you may be required to shoot and draw strong hand only. Building a training plan with realistic expectations and milestones is key to achieving success with these essential skills. Proven strategies and techniques discussed in this presentation allow the individual to take charge of their skill development.