Carrying In The Workplace: Carefully Considering Your Options

  • Room: 370BE
Sunday,May 29, 2022:11:30 AM -12:30 PM


Seminar Speaker
Jeff Gonzales


In this presentation, ideas and strategies for those who are considering carrying concealed in their workplace will be discussed. With many American spending almost 70% of their year in a work environment there are several factors to consider. The biggest consideration is whether you are violating any policies about firearms on company grounds along with the risks associated should you be discovered. What is at stake should be clearly measured versus what if you are not prepared for a violent encounter while at work. Even if carrying concealed is permitted, carrying at work can produce new problems such as what you carry and how. Traditional methods or “weekend carry” as typically referenced may not be ideal and new firearms and carry methods must be considered. Sustainability over a career is often overlooked, but choosing to carry in the workplace comes with even more sacrifices. Due to the various types of uniform requirements, you must consider how your wardrobe will affect your ability to carry and carry comfortably for long periods. Some may not have a choice due to safety or protocol on what they wear so finding a good combination of firearm and carry method is the challenge. These and many more topics are covered for those wishing to be armed in a non-permissive environment.