Jason Stieber


Jason Stieber, Purchasing Manager for Dillon Precision, started reloading in his early twenties as a way to pursue his competitive shooting interests. At five years old, his father instructed him on the proper use of a .22 rifle. The rifle led to pistols and shotguns. The next decade was full of shooting excursions and hunting trips. In the late eighties after graduating from high school, he was introduced to USPSA . Here he found a group of people with a love of shooting that matched his own. It was not until he shot his first three-gun match that he discovered his true passion.

In 1992, while attending college, he answered an employment ad for a reloading company. He was hired and started working at the best place for a young competitive shooter, Dillon Precision Products. Dillon is a place where the shooting sports greatest competitors and innovators congregate. Over the next thirty years, he held many positions within the company, all the while learning about shooting and reloading from the industries best.

Today, Jason is an active reloader, competitor, outdoorsman, and husband. He holds numerous awards from state, national, and international competitions. He is an active member in USPSA, IDPA, SCSA, ICORE and various three-gun organizations. He enjoys introducing everyone he meets to the outdoors, shooting, and reloading.


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