Glen Hoyer

NRA Law Enforcement


Glen Hoyer is a career law enforcement officer, retiring as a Captain after 25 years of service, from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department (SC).

During his law enforcement career, he worked in many capacities including uniformed patrol, plain clothed operations, S.W.A.T., 9 years as a canine handler, and then as a Captain, he oversaw the K-9 operations, as well as, the entire operations of the departments North Region.

Glen has been a law enforcement firearm instructor since 1986 and instructed in all aspects of firearms training. Glen began working for the National Rifle Association in 1996 as an Adjunct Instructor in the Law Enforcement Division, training law enforcement firearm instructors throughout the country.

In 2000 when Glen retired from the Lexington Sheriff’s Department he was hired full-time as the Law Enforcement Training Manager at the NRA and in 2007 was promoted to the Division Director.


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