Major Edward O'Carroll


Ed O’Carroll began his public service career as an Emergency Medical Technician and Assistant Chief of an Ambulance Squad on Long Island, New York. After relocating, Ed started his law enforcement career on September 11, 1989, with a large Northern Virginia police department. During more than 32-year career in law enforcement, Ed has served in numerous assignments. His recent executive law enforcement assignments have included Director of the Media Relations, Internal Affairs commander, School Liaison and District Station commander. He is currently assigned as the Bureau Chief of Major Crimes, Cyber and Forensics, which is the detective team responsible for all major criminal investigations.

Ed is a graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy. Currently, Ed also serves as a national certified trainer for the Refuse to Be A Victim program. He lectures across the United States, teaching thousands of people the various aspects of personal safety and shares the important principals of Crime Prevention Through Enviormental Design (CPTED). His messaging on safety, prevention and situational awareness are popular on social media, including Twitter, @edocarroll. Ed also served two non-consecutive terms as a President of the Virginia Crime Prevention Association, which networks law enforcement and citizens in the prevention of crime. He has conducted numerous training classes for law enforcement officers, businesses and citizens.


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