Firerein Inc.

Napanee,  ON 
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FireRein Inc. is a Napanee, Ontario based company underpinned by experienced firefighters from various backgrounds in urban, rural, industrial and wildland firefighting. Innovators who recognize that today’s fires are challenging traditional firefighting methods. Climate change has created “super wildfires” that are occurring more frequently. Structural firefighting has dramatically changed with the mainstream use of today’s engineered building materials that cause fires to burner hotter and faster.

In response to this, we created Eco-Gel™, the world’s first and only 100% FDA GRAS-compliant environmentally safe water additive that when injected into fire hose streams creates a gel that sticks to any surface and in any orientation.

Eco-Gel™ is the world's first dual Class A and Class B firefighting gel. This allows for improved fire prevention, protection and extinguishment. Eco-Gel™ knocks down fires faster while using significantly less water than traditional methods. Protect precious water resources and control fire water runoff an increasingly common concern for environmental regulators.

FireRein Eco-Gel™, Prevent, Protect, Extinguish!

Brands: FireRein Eco-Gel™, FireRein Eco-Pump™, FireRein Eco-Trailer™