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DeltaTrak®, Inc., is a leading innovator of cold chain management and temperature monitoring solutions. Our product line includes a wide range of temperature and humidity data loggers and wireless systems. We also develop and manufacture high quality portable test instruments that monitor / record temperature and humidity. Our comprehensive cold chain management systems also include professional digital probe and infrared thermometers. In support of our cold chain management solutions, we offer management / analysis software for the data logger and wireless system product lines. ColdTrak®, our cloud-based software solution, provides validation and quality assurance functionality as related to cold chain management.

 Press Releases

  • Pleasanton, Calif., Oct. 17, 2018 -- DeltaTrak® will be highlighting its new FlashTrak PreCool Prime at PMA Fresh Summit, Booth 1562on Oct. 19-20, 2018, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida 

    Delays in cooling produce after harvest means a significant decrease in its shelf life. FlashTrak PreCool Prime is an automated wireless solution that monitors and records temperature during pre-cooling, and alerts when correct internal produce temperature is reached. This allows personnel to remove pallets just in time and avoid problems associated with over cooling or under cooling. The net result is an increase in pallet throughput and improved operational efficiency. 

    According to Frederick Wu, President and CEO of DeltaTrak, “FlashTrak PreCool Prime not only gives you more turns per tunnel, but also saves energy and labor costs. Streamlining your operations with an automated system means pallets aren’t kept in the cooler longer than necessary, which saves on electricity; and monitoring internal product temperature in real-time from a cloud-based dashboard will eliminate manual labor for taking temperatures. 

    This s
    ystem has the added advantage of pallet level traceability by attaching a Cold Chain iToken label to each pallet and scanning the barcode to associate the pallet to tunnel number and the pre-cool data. The Cold Chain iToken can also associate the pallet and pre-cool data to a PTI label (Produce Traceability Initiative), or other identification, such as lot code or order number.  


    FlashTrak PreCool Prime allows cooler operators to narrow the window of time it takes to remove field heat from produce, which maximizes quality and shelf life. They know exactly when to pull pallets from the cooling tunnel without taking manual pulp temperatures or estimating timeThe system recorddata and archives it for traceability, analysis, audits and verification of compliance with GHP (Good Handling Practices). 


    For a demonstration, please visit Booth 1562 at the PMA Fresh Summit 2018. 


    About DeltaTrak 

    DeltaTrak® is a leading innovator of cold chain management, environmental monitoring and food safety solutions for the food, produce, life science, and chemical industries. Contact DeltaTrak® by phone at 

    1-800-962-6776or by email at marketing@deltatrak.comAdditional information can be found at 


    Press contacts: For more information and/or a high resolution image please contact Marketing at 


  • Pleasanton, Calif., October 16, 2018 -- DeltaTrak® will be featuring two new FlashLink Real-Time Mini Loggers at PMA Fresh Summit 2018, Booth 1562, from October 19 to 20, 2018, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Florida. 

    The new 
    FlashLink In-Transit Real-Time Mini Logger is a cost-effective real-time logger providing temperature, humidity and location information utilizing GSM cellular technology.  Shipments are tracked worldwide using DeltaTrak’s ColdTrak 24/7 cloud service.  Reliable up-to-the-minute information can be accessed securely anywhere with user login and password on a standard web browser using a PC or any internet-ready device.  

    Using the same cloud-based dashboard, the new FlashLink Reusable Real-Time Mini Data Logger monitorcrops in the field and truck cool down. It tracks temperature that crops are exposed to in the field and automated alerts notify personnel so they can take immediate measures to prevent freeze damage. For truck cool down, the logger alarm limits can be set to loading temperature and an alert will be sent so that dock supervisors know which trucks are ready, and improve efficiency by streamlining the loading process.  

    “The FlashLink Real-Time Mini Loggers help our customers closely track temperature before it reaches a dangerous level,” according to Frederick Wu, President and CEO of DeltaTrak. “and, are cost-effective real-time data loggers that are easy to integrate into our customers’ existing SOP’s (standard operating procedures). 

    For the in-transit logger, DeltaTrak offers two models, one for most domestic shipments with a 15-day logging duration and data uploaded every 10 minutes, and a second model for longer trips with a 60-day logging duration and data uploaded every 60 minutes, ideal for export shipments.  For the reusable logger, shippers can program their own trip duration and logging intervals.  

    The ColdTrak web portal provides enhanced features and allows growers and shippers the option to upload documentation and archive data for FSMA, HACCP and regulatory compliance. Customers can customize high/low alarm settings, and alerts are automatically sent when out-of-range conditions occur.   

    The FlashLink In-Transit Real-Time Mini Logger is mounted on a highly visible shipping card which makes the units easy to locate inside a trailer or container. Each unit comes charged and ready-to-use. Shippers can simply start the logger with the one-button activation and place it in their loads. The FlashLink Reusable Real-Time Mini Data Logger is enclosed in a durable case which protects the logger from external elements either on the field or in a truck. 

    The FlashLink Real-Time Mini Loggers are a great solution for anyone that needs up-to-the-minute information on the temperature of their products. For a demonstration, please visit Booth 1562 at PMA Fresh Summit 2018. 



    About DeltaTrak 

    DeltaTrak® is a leading innovator of cold chain management, environmental monitoring and food safety solutions for the food, produce, life science, and chemical industries. Contact DeltaTrak® by phone at  

    1-800-962-6776 or by email at Additional information can be found at 


    Press contacts: For more information and/or a high resolution image please contact Marketing at 

  • Pleasanton, Calif.Oct, 17, 2018 -- DeltaTrak® introduces the next generation FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger at PMA Fresh Summit, Booth 1562, October 19 - 20, 2018, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Florida. 

    According to Frederick Wu, President and CEO of DeltaTrak, “The FlashLink Mini PDF has been upgraded to include our patented Shadow Log® feature which sets it apart from other brandsShadow Log® means that temperature data is recorded even if a shipper forgets to start the unit, so receivers will always be able to download trip data when a load arrives. 

    The reports also have a new look, including both F° and °C scales on one chart, making it user friendly for receivers worldwide. Reports are automatically generated when the logger is plugged into the USB port of a PC, tablet, or printer, where they can be saved and shared by email in PDF and CSV formats. 

    The FlashLink Mini PDF has a compact, single use design that incorporates a USB connector and on-board software, making it quick and easy to access data without special reading devices or installing software. One model can be used for all domestic and export trips up to 85 days, so shippers don’t have to stock multiple brands with various recording periods 

    These a
    ccurate, reliable temperature recorders are ideal for compliance with Food Safety, HACCP, FSMA, and global regulations, to verify if products have been kept within their proper temperature range.  Each unit comes mounted on a bright green shipping card, making it easy to locate when a shipment arrives. A peel-away barcode label with the logger serial numbecan be attached to shipping documents and scanned into the shipper’s ERP system for complete traceability.   

    The FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger is an essential tool to help shippersthird party logistics companies, importers and exporters ensure consumer safety and deliver high quality products that are safe to eat.   

    About DeltaTrak® 

    DeltaTrak® is a leading innovator of cold chain management, environmental monitoring and food safety solutions for the produce, food, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and chemical industries. Contact DeltaTrak® by phone at 1-800-962-6776 or by email at Additional information can be found at 


    Press contacts: For more information and/or a high-resolution image please contact Marketing at 


  • FlashLink Real-Time Loggers
    Know the temperature, humidity and location of your products at any time! Track deliveries in real-time....

  • Know the temperature, humidity and location of your products at any time! Track deliveries using a 24/7 cloud based service to see real-time route information and conditions in a shipping container or truck.


    FlashLink Real-Time Loggers send data to a web account where it’s always available, even before a shipment reaches the receiving dock. Alerts are automatically sent when out-of-range conditions occur. Data is stored in the cloud for traceability, audits, HACCP, and FSMA compliance. Visit DeltaTrak, Booth #1562, to learn about our economical real-time loggers for route deliveries and export shipments!

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