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We grow high quality, yellow, red, white, sweet, Sunions and organic onions. That’s our focus and our passion and we’re happy to share it with you. We provide onions year-round. Fifty-two weeks a year our trucks are rolling. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and ease. While you find companies that provide thousands of goods all the time, we like to focus on one thing and do it the very best, so Onions 52 is just that, onions, fifty-two weeks a year! 

Yellow: Full flavored, well rounded, with a mild finish
Red: Rich flavored with a punch.
White: Spicy, zesty and tangy.
Organics: Delicious and complying with strict organic standards.
Certified Sweets: Candy sweet and certified to be so.
Sunions and Organic Sunions: Tearless and Sweet!

 Press Releases

  • SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

    For four decades, the vertically integrated onion operation north of Salt Lake City has been known primarily by its location -- Utah. But Utah Onions is making a big change to reinforce the fact it is far more expansive than its home state. 

    According to Chief Executive Officer Bob Meek, Onions 52 is not only the new name but also a much more accurate description.

    “Many people think we’re just Utah,” Meek said in mid-September. “That name is misleading and underplays our ability to service our customers. Onions 52 is who we are and what we do. We cover you 52 weeks of the year from our onion-production areas around the country.”Onions52teampicOnion 52 corporate officers are Shawn Hartley, owner and vice president/sales; Trevor Flint, chief financial officer; Trent B. Hartley, owner and president; Brad Dahl, owner and vice president/sales; and Bob Meek, chief executive officer. Photo courtesy of Onions 52.

    The new name, Meek continued, is the result of the longtime onion house’s commitment to its customers.

    “We have actually been working on this change for some time,” he said. “We knew we would have one chance to make a statement with the change, and so we brought in a company that specializes in corporate names. They provided us with 180 suggestions, none of which was Onions 52. But the names they gave us led us to this new name.”

    He continued, “As we like to tell people who’ve asked us about the name Onions 52, ‘This is who we are. We have onions all year.’”

    In a prepared statement, Meek said, “We’ve been in business since 1977, and we have simply outgrown our old name. Being Utah Onions was fine while we were just that, Utah onions. Now that we have farmers and partners in six states as well as Mexico, we needed a new name to fit with the growth of the company. The new name says exactly what we want people to know -- quality onions, 52 weeks a year, Onions 52.”

    Corporate officers in addition to Meek are Trent B. Hartley, president; Shawn Hartley vice president/sales; Brad Dahl vice president/sales; and Trevor Flint, chief financial officer. 

    Meek said the operation’s multiple production areas extend far beyond the borders of Utah. “We have onions from Hartley Produce in Prosser, Washington,” he said. “It is owned by Shawn’s family. We also have onions from Oregon Trail Produce in Nyssa, Oregon, which is owned by Sam and Mark Hartley. And we have onions from the Johnson family and Carzalia Valley Produce in Columbus, New Mexico. That’s a new alliance formed this year, and it fills an important window from May to August.”

    Onions 52 also partners with Southwest Onion Growers in McAllen, TX, with operations in Mexico, Texas and Colorado. The company has a Dallas facility built in 2016 where onions are packed for in-market distribution.  

    In addition to the new name, Onions 52 also brought on new personnel within the last year. Meek said Flint came on as CFO in 2016, and joining the sales team are Devin Taylor and Travis Hess. Thomas Pickett works in traffic and production, Meek added.  

    To complete the big news from Onions 52, Meek said, “We’re in the process now of building a new packing plant to expand our production in Utah, along with a new corporate office. We hope to have the plant operating within the next four weeks. Fortunately, we are still operating in the old plant.”

    Meek continued in the statement, “We get onions delivered with never a thought of saying no to our customers. Instead we find and offer solutions, and we do that 52 weeks a year. That’s what set us apart. There’s never a week without onions for us. With a full line of onion products from 2,000 pound totes to two-pound bags, you can count on quality, year-round supply, reliability and ease.”

    More information is available at www.onions52.com.

    The Produce News

  • Red onion movement strong as Washington prepares for harvest

    Onion growers are seeing great demand on red onions, causing an uplift in the market on this color. Movement and subsequent pricing on other varieties is holding steady, with yellow onions now recovering after a slow period. The majority of onion supply right now is coming from New Mexico and California. 
    "Red onions have been a top seller lately," said Falon Rufty of Onions 52. "There has been pretty steady demand overall, but reds have seen the fastest movement. The tight supplies on red onions have seen prices rise. Whites have seen consistent pricing and yellows have been modestly active on consumer packs. Prices will likely level out once the Northwest crop begins. Onions 52 grows and ships the highest quality onions, fifty-two weeks a year, and we currently have supplies of yellow, red and white onions in both New Mexico and California. We are also producing beautiful organic onions out of California and certified Sweets out of New Mexico."
    Falon Rufty with an individually-wrapped onion at United Fresh in Chicago last month
    Washington to start in a matter of weeks
    Regarding the Northwest onion crop, the Washington onion season is due to make a start on August 1, bringing onions of all colors and sizes to the market. Conditions have been favorable, with ideal growing weather for all regions. 
    "We expect to start harvesting all colors at the end of this month," Rufty shared. "We have also been busy planting our Utah crop for next season. Growing conditions have been impeccable, with dry and sunny conditions providing an ideal start to the season. Our Washington growers are renowned for producing 'cream of the crop' onions, so we are eager to start packing and shipping those very soon."
    Individually-wrapped onions
    New packaging to differentiate organic and conventional
    This season, Onions 52 recently introduced individually wrapped onions in mesh bags. The primary reason is to help differentiate organic produce from conventional at the retail level. Each individual wrapped onion will be tagged according to color and are recyclable to avoid unnecessary plastic.
    Rufty explains, "This type of packaging is beneficial for both consumers and retailers, for several reasons. The single wrapped onion will allow for better accuracy when it comes to correct scanning at checkout. It will not only avoid incorrect PLU entries, but will also ensure accurate monitoring of produce movement through the store."
    "This has been a concern for produce managers for quite some time now," she continued. "and we are overjoyed to share this creative solution with all of our onion enthusiasts."
    For more information:
    Falon Rufty 
    Director of Marketing and Business Development 
    Onions 52
    Tel: +1 (801) 773-0630

    Publication date: 7/11/2018
    Author: Dennis M. Rettke
    Copyright: www.freshplaza.com

  • Onions 52 meeting heightened demand ‘all season long’

    With its year-round program in full swing and 2017 rebranding program well established, Onions 52 is meeting what CEO Bob Meek termed current demand “that’s twice what good demand is.”

    Meek told The Produce News in late November that the holiday movement was good, “but we’ve had very good demand all season.”

    He said, “We’re going through supplies very quickly with really no down time. But with supplies coming on in Texas and Mexico, we’re in good shape.”

    Based in Syracuse, UT, Onions 52 has growing operations in several regions, including Washington, Idaho-Eastern Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. With product now coming out of Washington, IEO, Utah and Colorado, Onions 52 is shipping good quality in all sizes and colors, Meek said.

    onions52The Onions 52 team includes Shawn Hartley, partner/vice president of sales; Devin Taylor, sales; Kyle Packer, logistics; Kirt Mockli, sales; and Dave Muir, logistics. Photo courtesy of Onions 52.“We have had some challenges, most of which are uncontrollable, weather-related. The growing season in Idaho-Eastern Oregon had a late start because of heavy winter snow and a cold, wet spring,” he said, adding that while the weather played havoc with some regions, it has actually benefited the market.

    And, he added, what was thought to be a season of smaller sizing has proven to be less of an issue.

    “We have good sizing in our whites, and in fact we have bigger sizes than what we feared we would. Still, yields are definitely down,” he said.

    Other issues the company has faced are common to the industry: labor and transportation. Meek said, “I’m worried where the industry is headed in terms of labor. I think we all woke up to what’s going on. And if you didn’t have a labor problem earlier, you have one today. We have gone to H2B [for warehouse labor], and that is a very good program. They are working on an H2C program, a combination of farm and warehouse, in Washington, D.C. We have a ways to go on it, but it would allow workers to remain here 11 months of the year, and it would involve more workers than A or B.”

    As far as transportation, Meek said, “I don’t know how some shippers will transport goods with these new restrictions. We just put in a transportation appointment system that lets truckers know what the available time slots are so they can time their departures accordingly. We’re letting them know at least a day ahead.”

    The system should help alleviate costly downtime for the truckers, but Meek said, “It will raise costs. It already has.”

    And he weighed in on NAFTA and trade agreements, saying, “I can see both sides of the issue, and there’s definitely a need for an agreement.”

    He said his primary problem with NAFTA “is that some commodities are used as ‘pawns’ in getting other items into other countries.

    “There’s need for change, but I don’t think we can throw everything out the window,” he said, adding that a bilateral agreement could be more beneficial than a trilateral.

    Looking ahead to 2018, Meek said there are no major changes in the works for the onion program, although he noted, “We’re always growing.” He said a new “Onions 52” label will be integrated into the packaging, and the Sunion varieties will be introduced to Onions 52 customers sometime after the holidays.

  • Interview with Falon Rufty, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Onions 52

    Syracuse, UT | October 17, 2018.

    Onions 52 Talks Organic Sunions

    Q: First of all, what are Sunions?

    A: Sunions are the world’s first tearless and sweet onion. It took over two decades of investment, development, careful farming and hard work to grow this game- changing onion .

    Q: Are Sunions genetically modified?

    A: Sunions are not a genetically modified product and are grown through an all-natural cross-breeding program.

    Q: What makes Sunions tearless?

    A: Most onions have volatile compounds that remain the same or increase over time, which causes watery eyes in consumers and results in a pungent flavor profile. In Sunions, these compounds do the exact opposite and will decrease over time, resulting in a tearless, sweet and mild onion.

    Q: What do Sunions taste like, and how do you ensure quality?

    A: Sunions encompass an incredible flavor profile that is consistently sweet, mild and crunchy. A tightly-controlled brand promise dictates Sunions must be certified both tearless and sweet before ever being loaded on a truck. Unlike all other onions, Sunions become sweeter every day they are stored.

    Q: Where are Organic Sunions grown?

    A: Organic Sunions are grown in Washington state, with Onions 52 being the exclusive grower for 2018. 

    Q: How many acres are you growing this year?

    A: We’re growing 10 acres of Organic Sunions this year. We had tremendous consumer success with conventional Sunions last year, and we intend to continue this trend with our Organic Sunions.

    Q: What marketing tools are you using to promote Organic Sunions?

    A: Through consumer research we have found that millennial shoppers are more likely to try a new product that delivers a positive experience. When you think of onions, you hardly think of innovation or new ideas. Sunions are the first of their kind, and cooking with Sunions delivers a truly tearless experience. Our marketing efforts are top-notch, as they must be to make Certified Organic Sunions and conventional Sunions a success. Onions 52, BASF Vegetable Seeds and Golden Sun Marketing work together for all digital marketing efforts, in-store merchandising, promotional videos, social media marketing, tradeshow displays, and all things ‘Sunions’.

    Q: When are Organic Sunions available?

    A: Flavor and tearlessness sets the Sunions release date. Availability begins late fall and continues through the spring months, depending on supply. Be sure to visit our booth #4181 at PMA Fresh Summit and check out our new website, www.onions52.com, to learn more about our Certified Organic Sunions.

    About Onions 52

    Since 1977, Onions 52 has been known as the nation's leading grower-shipper of the highest quality yellow, red, white, sweet and organic onions. With growing/packaging partners in six states as well as Mexico, Onions 52 promises quality delivered 52 weeks a year.


  • Organic Sunions
    Save your tears for when you need them. Introducing Organic Sunions, America's First Tearless, and Sweet Onion! Onions 52 is taking onions to the next layer, by being the first and ONLY grower/shipper of Certifed Organic Sunions in 2018!...

  • Organic Sunions are the first truly tearless onions available in North America. Unlike other onions, Sunions mature into a milder, sweeter flavor over time and are a Non-GMO variety that provides less variability between onions. Organic Sunions are a GAME-CHANGER in the kitchen - no goggles or crazy hacks are needed to keep from crying!

    Learn more about Sunions at iheartsunions.com, and visit Onions 52 at Booth #4181, the one and only Organic Sunions grower in 2018!

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