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JASA, join us and gain over 35 years of experience!

JASA Packaging Solutions stands for innovation, quality, and flexible packaging machines. 
We are your specialized partner for the development of;

Vertical packaging machines, Sleevers, and complete weighing and packaging lines. 

Over the past 35 years, producers and packaging specialists worldwide have trusted our expertise.

JASA is a fast-growing family business operating with an enthusiastic team of over 80+ employees. We get energized creating the best packaging solution for you. We are not just building the machines for you; we also build them with you. Our team, together with your in-house team of experts, will explore the best options to develop and improve the machines for you.

With locations in the Netherlands and the USA, JASA is a real world-class company.


JASA Sleever for Apples 2019

 Press Releases

  • From an early age on Piet Pannekeet, the founder and director of JASA, helped his grandfather cleaning and cutting vegetables in his grandfather’s mill. At night Piet spent his time at the mill investigating the machines, figuring out ways to improve them. Now, 40 years later, cut vegetables are more popular than ever. A quick lunch salad or wok-ready vegetables are familiar foods to all of us. Piet’s endeavors from an early age on make that JASA has the lowdown of packing vegetables.

    What’s for dinner?

    The daily quest to put a decent meal on the table can cause some anxiety for most of us. Our busy schedules hardly leave time to cook up an elaborate meal. Supermarkets offer extensive choices to shoppers. Enticing them to go for quick and easy like frozen pizzas, yet, on the other hand, suggesting to go for the healthy option of fresh spinach. We have to admit, nowadays our choices are made easy. Even for a healthy diet. Fresh cut vegetables are ample available next to the pillow bags with fresh-cut salads. Here at JASA, we can boast on our years of experience in this field. Our ready cut salads will find the way to your dinner table in no time. Our packaging caters for solo Netflix dinners as well as to all-out family dinners.

    Salad meals

    A deluxe version of the salad pouches is a dinner salad in a bowl. Well packed with a variety of various vegetables, meat, fish and fruits topped with a tasty dressing, just what you are looking for! These bowls are wrapped in a sleeve that draws customer attention, making the sleeve a perfect marketing tool. Add your green message, a recipe, or a statement about your company to it. Our sleever is apt for more than salads alone. Apples or meats can just as well be packed with these durable sleeves.

    All around the world

    Working hard, working fast is very zeitgeist, leading us to compensate by consuming healthy foods. The rise and steady growth of the fresh-cut vegetables market share is thus no surprise. Currently, these vegetables have won over the consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Fresh cut and packed vegetables are in high demand in these countries. Packaged salads and vegetables form a perfect solution for hasted customers and those who live alone. A right-sized portion prevents food waste. Bearing this in mind explains the enormous increase in this market, now also trending in other parts of the world, including America.

    gesneden groenten

    The benefits of pre-cut vegetables

    The bias about pre-cut vegetables is that they would not be as nourishing as fresh vegetables. Actually, this is not the case, admittingly, the level of vitamin C could be present in smaller amounts. Packaging pre-cut vegetables demonstrate several advantages for both the producers and the consumer. The vegetables are packed airtight preventing the leaves from turning yellow, a fact most consumer value. The vegetables appear fresh! Another advantage is the choice in size of the packaging, offering the option to buy just the right amount for a meal. This prevents food-spill and with that green-house gasses rendering packaged vegetables sustainable. The airtight packaging also ensures a prolonged shelf life for the vegetables. Packaging salads and vegetables in well-designed containers make them eye-catchers on the supermarket shelves. A perfect way for producers to effectively make packaging a marketing tool.

    Did we awake your interest in packaging your pre-cut vegetables, or do you want to discover the possibilities with our sleever? Contact us, or better yet, visit us at the PMA Fresh Summit! You will find us at stand 2597. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.



  • JASA encourages innovation. We have been and are paying close attention to the increasing demand for sustainable and recyclable packaging, resulting in revolutionary technology; like our per plate packing of apples, other fruits, vegetables, and potato products. Our applied technology ensures that our packing materials are 100% recyclable. One of our prime applications is the JASA Sleever which is used to stretch-wrap products like fresh meat and plates with a top seal. State of the art and environmentally friendly.

    On top of that, our machines are designed to the demands of the end-users.  That’s what the JASA Sleever is all about; the perfect all-round solution for plates, bowls, and any other wrapping needed.

    verpakkingen met sleeve

    Green together

    At JASA, we believe in sustainability, and we are not the only ones. More and more companies strive to reduce plastics in their packaging. Ultimately, we all carry the responsibility to reduce the burden on our environment, and every individual can make a difference, for instance, by using environmentally safe grocery bags instead of plastic bags. Stop using pet bottles, instead, shift to reusable bottlesIn our previous blogs, we already mentioned that this day and age requires us to be aware of what we use and throw out. We should buy our food in small portions, making an effort to waste as little food as possible. Our blog also features a summary on how to recycle your waste. A guide to help you support a sustainable world!


  • Traditional kiwi packaging

    “You currently see that kiwis are packed in a cardboard tray closed with a flow pack and the plastic trays with a hinged lid,” Piet Pannekeet explains. “Here at JASA we find sustainable packaging very important, that’s why we’ve now developed a sleeve to be able to pack kiwi’s without plastic.”

    Kiwi packaging without plastic with the JASA Sleever

    With the JASA Sleever, the kiwis are packed in a cardboard tray with a cardboard sleeve. The sleeve is keeping the kiwis in place, while they stay visible in their packaging at the same time. JASA developed the same technology earlier in the year specifically for apples.

    The design of the cardboard sleeve can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer. Therefore, the sleeve can be custom made and used with your existing trays, giving you the option to pack your kiwi’s without plastic.

    Kiwiw in sustainable packaging

    The JASA Sleever

    The JASA Sleever processes up to 100 packages per minute. The Sleever also has a quick changeover time, a hygienic design and is easy to operate. Our Sleever is a compact plug-and-play machine and therefore easy to integrate into almost every (existing) packaging line. On top of that, the Sleever is energy-efficient, compact and has a short ROI of less than a year. 

    Are you interested in our sustainable packaging solutions for kiwis, but don’t have time to come to PMA Fresh Summit 2019? Get in touch with our Sales Team! We are able to offer you a complete packaging line for all sorts of fruit. The Sales Team are happy to inform you about the possibilities for your products.


  • With the focus on sustainable packaging, JASA has set a clear theme for 2019. More sustainable packaging, better recyclable options, and less plastic. That’s what the consumer is looking for. That’s why JASA introduces a new way to pack apples: without plastic!

    Integration with existing packaging lines

    In this new packaging, the apples are kept in place with a cardboard sleeve. “The apples are still visible, are secured in place in the tray and can’t be taken out of their packaging,” Piet Pannekeet, founder of JASA, explains.

    “On top of that, the JASA Sleever can be integrated into the packaging companies’ existing packaging lines."

    In most cases, the cardboard sleeves can be used with the trays currently used. The sleeves only replace the plastic material that is now used to wrap around the tray. This means that the processes remain the same, such as filling trays and the machine capacity.


    Environment-friendly cardboard sleeve

    The environmental discussion on sustainable packaging is something that we take very seriously here at JASA. “We have regular sessions where we look at different markets and how we can pack products in a more environment-friendly way. The film that is currently used to pack apples is one of the things we looked at. That’s how we got the idea for the cardboard sleeve packaging without plastic.”

    The new sleeve for apples is made out of 100% cardboard*. In combination with the right trays, the sleeve packaging will be 100% suitable for recycling.

    “We wanted a sleeve that showed the apples,” Piet explains. “We think it’s important that consumers can see the apples, so they know the apples are nice, fresh, and of good quality. We also integrated a handle in the design so the package is easy to carry.”

    The sleeve is attached to the tray with a label. This helps to keep the sleeve in place. On the label, you can print product information, barcodes, and other data. “The rest of the sleeve is the real eyecatcher.”


    The Sleever is fast and can be used with other products

    The JASA Sleever for apples processes up to 80 trays per minute. On top of that, the Sleever can be changed over to make a complete different tray/sleeve combination in less than five minutes, so you can use it with other products such as kiwis, tomatoes, avocados, and such. Curious about the options for you? Get in touch with out of our sales representatives!


  • We are pleased to inform you that JASA will be present at the PMA Fresh Summit Expo in Anaheim, California, on October 18 and 19. We look forward to welcoming you at booth number 2597.

    The PMA summit is the perfect opportunity to see our state-of-the-art Sleever in action, during one of the live demonstrations at our booth. The JASA Sleever offers thé solid solution to the increasing demand for plastic-free packaging. We developed this revolutionary technology to enable super-fast tray-packing of apples, cherries, tomatoes, kiwis, avocados, and many more produces. The Sleever is used to slide pre-glued cardboard sleeves around meal salads, clamshells, cups, and trays.

    For sustainable packaging in paper bags, our Packaging Award-winning Bag-2-Paper™ can also be admired at the show. This technology is thé answer to sustainable, high-speed packing in paper bags: no-plastic and no more sealing. The Bag-2-Paper™ is primarily suitable for packaging potatoes, onions, avocados and carrots.

    We will also present our innovative tray packaging lines. JASA has been known for 35 years as the supplier of semi to fully automatic filling lines for lettuce, meal salads, greenhouse vegetables and many other types of produce.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our booth 2597 at the PMA Fresh Summit or one of the booths of our distributors (Ag-Pak 3433, Fox 3031, Volm 3202)! Feel free to schedule an appointment with us in advance. If you are interested in our packaging solutions, yet unable to attend the PMA Summit, then please take the time to browse our website or contact us directly. We are happy to answer all your questions!


    Date: 10/07/2019

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