Bugatti Design Inc.

Anjou,  QC 
  • Booth: 2031

We are a proudly Canadian manufacturer from Montreal.

Honesty, quality and style are the secret to Bugatti Design’s success. While some competitors may rely on overseas imports or technology like CNC machinery to speed up manufacturing, Bugatti sofas are still handcrafted by skilled artisans. Although this seems incongruous with today’s high-speed, technologically advanced global marketplace, clients appreciate the end result.

“It’s a little bit romantic, but creating a sofa is like creating an art piece. It cannot be rushed, and no machine can replicate the touch of the human hand,” explains company president Enzo Basilicata. “Our manufacturing methods ensure a high-quality piece. And we only use top of the line materials. We won’t cut corners to save on costs.”

Bugatti uses a variety of solid woods and high-end foams. Fabrics are just as varied and unique. Aside from the colourful palettes of fabric and leather, Bugatti also offers Ultra Leather, a high-performance polyurethane fabric that looks and feels like the real thing, as well as Supersuede, a manmade, luxury nubuck. Sofa styles range from classic, to modular and modern, to adjustable with the touch of a button. All are designed with comfort in mind.

Brands: Designed and built by Bugatti Design