NIBE Element Railway Solutions

Murfeesboro,  TN 
United States
  • Booth: 1106

NIBE Railway Solutions Provides Advanced European Heating Controls and Flat Heating Technology to North America through SAN Electro Heat, OMNI Control Technology and Backer EHP Company Brands.

SAN Electro Heat has developed a fully automated "Man Out of The Loop" switch heating control system called "Blue Point". This system uses an array of sensors and weather station to feed an advanced SCADA system to monitor weather conditions and turn the right amount of heat on for that particular weather condition. This system can run autonimously, be remotely driven or manually controlled at the enclosure.

The Blue Point system can employ a single flat element or dual flat elements and modulate the power to those heaters to allow for exteme heat when needed (up to 600 w/ft), energy savings when warranted (as low as 100 w/ft) and provide a redundnat heat path for the ultimate piece of mind.

SAN Electro Heat's flat switch point heating comes in Monel 400 or Stainless Steel sheathing. The Monel 400 sheathing is near impervious to salt and most chemicals and as such we provide the largest warranty in the industry - 10 years (based on a Mean Time Before Failure(MTBF) of  > 300,000 hours.

Brands: SAN Electro Heat, OMNI Control Technology Inc and Backer EHP

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