C-Can Power Systems, Inc.

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Acton,  ON 
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C-Can Power Systems has been a long standing supplier to railroads in North America since the early 1980's, manufacturing from 12VDC to 600VDC chargers/rectifiers, power supplies, power systems . C-Can manufacturers 125VDC Systems , Chargers and batteries for trackswitching applications, as well as 12V signaling chargers.  .C-Can pioneered the 125VDC  compact wall mount charger /w integral batteries for trackswitching ; and now incorporates switching technology in the latest signaling chargers at 12V 40A and 12V 600 Watt models. The standard RLW12/40 has been in the field for the last 8 years and the RLW12/600 is an upgrade to the RLW12/40 with internal metering and ability to make necessary adjustments for charging.  Latest testing shows these model operate very comfortably at 100 Hz..  Switching mode chargers are widely accepted in the field for their electrical performance and weight of 12 Lbs.



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