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Chelatec was founded in 2000 by seasoned scientists trained in the development of radiopharmaceuticals. Experts in the use of radioactive tracers, they decided to offer their knowledge in preclinical development of targeted radiotherapeutics to pharma and biotech.

With state-of-the-art fully equipped laboratories for radiolabeling, radioanalyses, handling of cells and housing of animals, Chelatec is recognized for its reliable expertise and offers a unique combination of custom radiolabeling, in vitro assays and in vivo investigations capabilities.

Specializing in radiopharmaceutical R&D, Chelatec will provide you with information on your Investigational Medicinal Product to be part of the documentation package. All quality and non-clinical safety data required for translation of a radiopharmaceutical.

Our services cover/include:
- Bioconjugation
- Radioactive labeling
- Analytical controls (HPLC, iTLC/TLC, SDS-PAGE...)
- Stability studies (storage stability, plasma stability)
- In vitro assays (Binding affinity, IRF, internalization, cytotoxicity, autoradiography on tissue sections)
- In vivo investigations (Pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, efficacy, dosimetry)

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