Hepatiq, Inc.

Irvine,  CA 
United States
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HEPATIQ is the first automated software to precisely quantitate liver function using nuclear medicine images.  Liver function can be reduced by infections, alcohol and fat buildup.  The liver can generate new functioning nodules, and blood flow to the liver may also increase, hence mitigating some of the damage. Thus, measuring liver function is very important.     

Other tests estimate the extent of fibrosis (or scarring) in the liver and do not quantitate function.  A recent study of more than 800,000 individuals published in Gastroenterology showed that fibrosis scoring systems have modest predictive value. Patient outcomes are determined by residual liver function, not the extent of fibrosis.  This was established in the 8 year, prospective, multi-center, National Institutes of Health sponsored HALT-C trial, which concluded that quantitative liver function may be more accurate than staging fibrosis in predicting clinical outcomes.

HEPATIQ is cleared for sale by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The test procedure is simple.  At the nuclear medicine center, the patient is injected with a standard Technicium-99m sulfur colloid solution and imaged using a SPECT scanner.  The images are analyzed by the HEPATIQ software on a local workstation and a report prepared for the physician. The whole process takes less than an hour and the scan is reimbursed by insurance under CPT 78803.

Brands: HEPATIQ provides quantitative indices to help diagnose, stage and manage liver disease, while identifying those at risk of adverse outcomes. It uses existing equipment and staff to boost revenues.

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