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Mirion is a global leader in radiation safety in science and medicine. Mirion offers a diverse portfolio of products and services that protect people and the planet from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and accelerates innovation across a diversity of end markets, including instrumentation that enables safer delivery, detection and diagnosis in nuclear medicine. As part of the Mirion Medical group, our Capintec™ Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging products better the human condition by protecting people from exposure during potentially life-saving diagnosis and therapy. From dose preparation to patient administration, we enhance safety and efficiency for technologists and physicists through top-quality solutions.

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Introducing Mirion Medical

 Press Releases

  • Medical Business Units Join Together for Comprehensive & Complementary Clinical Solutions

    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mirion Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: MIR) (“Mirion”), today announced the rebranding of its Medical segment as the Mirion Medical group, comprised of the organization’s healthcare-focused Dosimetry Services, Sun Nuclear, CIRS, Biodex, and Capintec business units. The establishment of the Mirion Medical group reinforces the Mirion commitment to leveraging its expertise in ionizing radiation for healthcare applications.

    “Our keystone focus on ionizing radiation has broad applicability in the healthcare field, and our solutions protect practitioners and improve outcomes for patients. Given the expanding scope of our work and commercial reach, it is natural to bring our healthcare businesses together under a unified banner,” notes Thomas Logan, CEO of Mirion Technologies and acting Mirion Medical President.

    The Mirion investment in healthcare began in late 2003 with the Dosimetry Services division. Mirion Dosimetry Services betters the human condition by providing ongoing monitoring of radiation exposure for those who are occupationally exposed thereby removing the worry of radiation in their daily routines. The well-known Instadose®+ wireless dosimetry platform offers on-demand dose reads via mobile device or PC, automatic calendar-set dose reads, online badge reassignments, and high dose email alerts that keeps clinicians aware of their radiation risk with immediate dose results available at their fingertips.

    Sun Nuclear, a key brand within the Mirion Medical group, offers Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging solutions and services that better the human condition by enhancing the checks and balances that keep cancer treatment safe, effective, and ever-improving. Through nearly 40 years of service, Sun Nuclear has innovated proven Quality Management solutions and is stronger than ever, with a continued commitment to easing technology adoption, optimizing Quality Management, and ensuring Patient Safety. Sun Nuclear has become strategically aligned with CIRS, leaders in tissue simulation technology, anthropomorphic phantoms, and comprehensive testing and verification solutions. With the introduction of the Mirion Medical brand, CIRS solutions will integrate into the Sun Nuclear brand.

    In the Nuclear Medicine space, Biodex and Capintec teams now operate as one, under the Capintec name. Recognized as a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of state-of-the-art radiation measuring and monitoring instrumentation, Capintec seeks to better the human condition by protecting people from exposure during potentially life-saving diagnosis and therapy. From dose preparation to patient administration, Capintec nuclear medicine and molecular imaging solutions enhance safety and efficiency for technologists and physicists throughout the care continuum. The Biodex brand remains focused on Physical Medicine and Medical Imaging, providing science-based solutions for rehabilitation exercise and injury recovery, as well as advanced surgical and ultrasound tables to support a quality imaging experience for practitioners and patients.

    “Mirion Medical represents the science of better. We’re committed to enhancing the delivery and ensuring the safety of healthcare treatments to truly better the human condition. For practitioners, our advanced technologies streamline workflows and reduce risk, while their patients benefit from a safer, more efficient healthcare experience. As a unified group, Mirion Medical innovates with complementary solutions in the fields of Medical Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Occupational Dosimetry, and Physical Medicine,” notes Mr. Logan. The Mirion Medical group will take on a family brand identity that carries across all business units in the group. The new logos will feature the Mirion “M”, symbolizing the strength of this group as part of the Mirion Technologies family. This refreshed brand will become visible on all Mirion Medical group digital properties and at select upcoming events. Learn more about the Mirion Medical group at

    Mirion Technologies continues to be a leading provider of detection, measurement, analysis and monitoring solutions for the nuclear, defense, medical and research end markets. The establishment of Mirion Medical will not change how Mirion Technologies reports financial performance externally, or how the Industrial group operates.

    Forward-Looking Statements

    This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “continue,” “could,” “estimate,” “expect,” “hope,” “intend,” “may,” “might,” “should,” “would,” “will,” “understand” and similar words are intended to identify forward looking statements. These forward-looking statements include but are not limited to, statements regarding the Mirion products, technology, and market positioning. There are a significant number of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from statements made in this press release, including those described under the captions “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” set forth in filings and reports we make from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including our most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q.

    You should not rely on these forward-looking statements, as actual outcomes and results may differ materially from those contemplated by these forward-looking statements as a result of such risks and uncertainties. All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information available to us as of the date hereof, and we do not assume any obligation to update the forward-looking statements provided to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the date on which they were made.

    About Mirion

    Mirion Technologies is a leading provider of detection, measurement, analysis and monitoring solutions to the nuclear, defense, medical and research end markets. The organization aims to harness its unrivaled knowledge of ionizing radiation for the greater good of humanity. Headquartered in Atlanta (GA – USA), Mirion employs around 2,600 people and operates in 13 countries. For more information, and for the latest news and content from Mirion, visit

    Sun Nuclear, CIRS, Capintec, Biodex, and Instadose are registered trademarks or trademarks of Mirion Technologies, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

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    Source: Mirion Technologies, Inc.

  • ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mirion Technologies, Inc. (“Mirion,” “we” or the “Company”) (NYSE: MIR), a global provider of radiation detection, measurement, analysis and monitoring solutions to the medical, nuclear, defense, and research end markets, today announced the appointment of Michael Rossi as the President of Mirion Medical. Michael will report directly to Mirion’s CEO, Tom Logan, who had been acting as President of the business segment.

    Michael joins Mirion from Novartis, where he most recently served as the Head of Radioligand Imaging for the Advanced Accelerator Applications business. Prior to Novartis, Michael spent five years at Jubilant Pharma where he served in several different roles with increasing levels of responsibility. Michael also brings experience from GE Healthcare, Tyco Healthcare/Mallinckrodt and Syncor International to the Mirion team. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from the University of the Sciences – Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and carries the Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist Certification from Butler University. Michael has also served on several Boards of Directors and remains a Licensed Pharmacist in the state of Pennsylvania.

    “I am thrilled to welcome Michael to the Mirion team,” said Tom Logan, Mirion’s CEO. “Michael has a unique blend of domain experience and leadership qualities in the nuclear medicine space. His appointment comes at an exciting time for the Company, as we aim to drive organic and inorganic growth and margin expansion across our medical business. I am confident that Michael will accelerate the attainment of our healthcare ambitions.”

    “I am incredibly excited to be joining Mirion Medical at such an impactful time in the Company’s growth trajectory,” added Michael Rossi. “What Tom and the team have built over the last few years is truly impressive and I look forward to building off the solid momentum with my new colleagues.”

    About Mirion Mirion Technologies is a leading provider of detection, measurement, analysis and monitoring solutions to the nuclear, defense, medical and research end markets. The organization aims to harness its unrivaled knowledge of ionizing radiation for the greater good of humanity. Headquartered in Atlanta (GA – USA), Mirion employs around 2,800 people and operates in 13 countries. For more information, and for the latest news and content from Mirion, visit

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    Source: Mirion Technologies, Inc

  • New Branding Initiatives Enhance Customer Engagement

    Mirion Technologies Has Rebranded to Mirion, Mirion Industrial is Now "Mirion Technologies"

    There is No Change in Mirion Medical Branding or Mirion’s Financial Reporting Methodology

    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mirion (“we” or “the company”(NYSE: MIR), a leading provider of advanced radiation safety solutions, today announced that it has updated the company’s corporate branding and the branding of its Industrial segment. The overall corporate entity will now be branded as simply “Mirion”, with the Industrial segment taking the name “Mirion Technologies”. The company has also completed the launch of an enhanced website representing its comprehensive portfolio of products that leverages radiation expertise in the fields of science, technology and medicine. The refreshed enhances user experience through easy navigation, robust search and meaningful content for the entire Mirion portfolio.

    New Branding

    After successfully completing the branding initiative for its Mirion Medical business in 2022, the company has taken a similar approach to branding its Mirion Technologies business. The name Mirion Technologies for this segment represents Mirion’s company roots and solidifies the grouping of diverse solutions for industrial and scientific end markets. The formal re-branding of this segment is expected to bolster Mirion’s ability to market its portfolio of safety solutions.

    The new brand framework does not impact how the company will report financial results. There will also not be adjustments made to historical financial comparisons.

    “For decades, customers have relied on Mirion for innovations in radiation safety and protection. The refreshed Mirion Technologies group brand reinforces our commitment to continuing the advancement of radiation safety for science and industry,” said Loic Eloy, Technologies Group President. 5/14/23, 5:34 PM Mirion Launches New Branding, Reflecting Comprehensive… | Mirion 2/4 The Mirion corporate brand continues to build on delivering an unmatched range of technologies rooted in extensive knowledge and years of collective experience. Combining the strengths of its legacy organizations, the unified Mirion corporate brand represents a leading innovator in delivering vital protection and safely harnessing the transformative potential of radiation to enable essential applications and critical innovations.

    Comprehensive Offering for Technology and Medicine

    As Mirion’s products and services expand through strategic acquisitions and product innovations, comprehensive and complementary solutions continue to emerge. The new branding and refreshed brings an enhanced product and solution exploration experience across the company’s broad portfolio. These combined initiatives enable the business to better relate and segment solutions for the diverse fields Mirion serves -- from nuclear power, defense, and labs and research, to occupational dosimetry, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and more.

    Refreshed Website Look and Feel

    Visitors to the new will notice a distinct logo, refreshed color palette, and bold new tagline — Protect What’s Next™ — for the Mirion Technologies brand of solutions. Taken together, these elements represent Mirion’s trusted expertise in proven radiation safety technologies that empower customers to solve problems and enable breakthrough innovations. Like the Mirion Medical group logo, the Mirion Technologies group logo features the corporate Mirion “M”, symbolizing the strength of these groups as part of the Mirion family.

    “At Mirion, we have been developing a strong portfolio across technology and medicine. I’m pleased to invite customers, shareholders, and all stakeholders in our growth to our refreshed website for better insights into the depth and breadth of our product knowledge and solutions. It’s an exciting time in our company’s evolution, and we’re looking ahead to how we can continue leveraging our unrivaled expertise in radiation safety to deliver innovations that better the human condition,” notes Thomas Logan, CEO of Mirion.

    Visit to explore the new website and comprehensive solutions for science, technology and medicine.

    About Mirion

    Mirion (NYSE: MIR) is a global leader in radiation safety, science and medicine, with a diverse portfolio of products and services that protects people and the planet from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and accelerates innovation across a diversity of end markets. The Mirion Technologies group provides proven radiation safety technologies that operate with the highest levels of precision – from R&D labs, to critical nuclear facilities, and on the front lines. The Mirion Medical group solutions enhance the delivery and ensure the safety of healthcare, powering the fields of Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy QA, Occupational Dosimetry, and Diagnostic Imaging. In collaboration with our customers, Mirion empowers innovations that deliver vital protection and harness the transformative potential of ionizing radiation to shape our future world.  Learn more:


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  • CRC®-55tW Dose Calibrator/Well Counter
    Dose Calibrator/Well Counter...

  • As a combination of the new CRC-55tR Dose Calibrator and Well Counter, the CRC-55tW dose calibrators provide advanced features with the speed and accuracy you need to measure activity and prepare doses. Its ion chamber is one of the time-tested, high pressure well designs by Capintec™ capable of measuring a dose as high as 6 Ci (250 GBq) with high accuracy. The CRC-55tW calibrator features a new helpful chamber plug-and-play capability.

    For wipe testing, the CRC-55tW calibrator allows the user to define specific counting procedures (protocols) with trigger levels for work, patient, unrestricted areas and sealed source leak tests. The CRC-55tW unit also performs counting functions for wipe tests in as little as six seconds at activities as low as 1 nCi. Low activities are measured with a drilled well high sensitivity Sodium Iodide (NaI) detector.

    The well counter includes a 256 channel MCA which provides detailed spectrum for identification and analysis. Manual and automatic ROI selection are available.

    The chamber and counter of the CRC-55tW calibrator are combined in a menu-driven, touch screen interface that is easy to learn and use.

    Reports software, new for the CRC-55tW unit, archives well counter data for quality assurance procedures, wipe measurements and laboratory tests. Well counter reports are stored and searchable by date range for later viewing or printing. Wipe tests are searchable by date range, wipe type, and activity.

    Count on us for excellence in energy measurement and for our unsurpassed customer service, training and support!

  • Compact PET Shipping System
    PET Shipping System...

  • This Compact PET Shipping System transports three 3 cc or 5 cc doses containing high-energy radionuclides such as FDG F-18. Dose syringes fit into the pigs with or without an attached needle. Designed to conserve space and minimize weight, the shipping container weighs only 95 lb. An important feature is that the shipping container can be left at a convenient height while the pig (9 lb) can be easily removed from the container. The pig is then placed behind an L-Block Shield for dose loading and unloading. All Biodex PET L-Block Shields incorporate a hex-shaped plate that corresponds with the hex shape at the base of the pig. This design element allows one-handed loading and unloading of syringes.

    The 001-785 Unit Dose Pig is encapsulated in durable, high-impact Lexan and polypropylene, making the pig durable, easy to clean and compatible with automatic washing systems. A single twist opens or closes the pig, reducing handling time.

    The system meets DOT Yellow II Type A packaging requirements when shipping up to 235 mCi (8.70 GBq) in one pig, and 160 mCi (5.92 GBq) in the second pig and 140 mCi (5.18 GBq) in the third pig, totaling 535 mCi (19.80 GBq) of FDG F-18.

  • Captus® 4000e
    Thyroid Uptake System...

  • The Captus 4000e unit is a comprehensive Nuclear Medicine Measurement System, with specific software modules for thyroid uptake, bioassay, wipe tests, automated quality assurance tests, and isotope library. The system includes a fully functional 1024 channel MCA with auto and manual calibration. Timed activity mode features a programmable repetitive timed measurement program. Improved menu-driven workflow and large 20 inch color touch screen streamlines user interface.

    The optional fully integrated DICOM interface communicates directly with hospital information systems, and can transfer patient, wipe test, and QC data. Custom Protocol is included as standard, and Microsoft Office Professional 2010 software is optional.

    New and improved stand provides ergonomically adjustable monitor and easy-to-position articulating collimator arm. Four sided comfortable handle grips and swivel wheels ensure easy mobility. PC can be attached to either right or left side to optimize workspace.

  • GammaPRO®
    Wireless Gamma Detection System...

  • The GammaPRO System includes innovative and clinically relevant technical features that help to solve the toughest challenges of radioguided surgical procedures. With its modern design, high sensitivity, best-in-class detection, exceptional spatial resolution, dynamic response time, and intuitive software it can easily help to fulfill the needs in every clinical application for open and laparoscopic surgeries. The system is battery operated with a battery life of 15+ hours. It offers a full range of entirely wireless with a reliable Bluetooth connection and completely sterilizable probes that help to identify sentinel lymph nodes in a large majority of patients. It can detect up to 9 isotopes and measure 3 simultaneously. The system can be easily transportable in its lightweight briefcase.
  • Syringe Shield
    Syringe Shield...

  • Designed to reduce hand exposure in clinicians preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals.
  • MicroGe™
    Compact HPGe Detector...

  • The MicroGe detector is a compact electrically cooled, fanless, lightweight High Purity Germanium detector. With a short cooling downtime, this state-of-the-art detector opens the possibility to do spectroscopic measurement in less than 30 minutes while keeping the benefits of a laboratory grade detector. It implies an excellent energy resolution for gamma-ray energies from a few tens of keV up to several MeV. In addition, the MicroGe ultra-high vacuum technology provides a thermal cycle free detector. The detector can be switched on and off as needed, without going through an entire heat-cycle up to room temperature. This is an effective time-saving feature for optimize use of the MicroGe detector.
  • DMC 3000™
    Personal Electronic Dosimeter...

  • Mirion Technologies provides a complete line of hardware and software products targeted to Health Physics and Radiation Protection personnel, in order to meet current Nuclear Industry challenges. Covering a wide range of X-Ray and Gamma radiation detection, our DMC 3000 Electronic Dosimeter represents over 25 years of real-world electronic dosimetry experience, continually refined through customer feedback.

    The unique, high contrast and backlit LCD display provides a clear indication of wearer’s dose and ambient dose rate for deep dose equivalent. More importantly, multiple methods (audible, visual, and tactile) are utilized to alert the wearer of alarm conditions.

    The DMC 3000 provides all of this protection, for over 3000 hours of continuous use, with a single AAA alkaline battery.

    Best of all, couple with plug and play add-on modules the DMC 3000 offers detection and radio transmission capabilities beyond traditional use.

  • Instadose®+
    Wireless, On-Demand Dosimeter...

  • The Instadose+ system provides Bluetooth technology to quickly, easily, remotely transmit radiation dose data via smart devices, PCs, and InstaLink™ hotspot stations, Instadose+ dosimeters eliminate the time-consuming badge collection, processing and redistribution process. And, real-time reporting and tracking capabilities allow users to pinpoint high dose exposures and anomalies faster because only Instadose+ dosimeters enable on-demand and scheduled calendar reads with online access to both historical and current dose measurements and reports.
  • RDS-32™
    Radiation Survey Meters...

  • The RDS-32 Survey Meters are small handheld, battery operated radiation survey instruments. Due to its versatile functions and durability it is suited for a wide range of applications in civil defense, industrial use, nuclear power plants, laboratories, etc.

    The meter features excellent ergonomics; lightweight and easy handling, with visual, audible, and vibration functions. Each meter includes an additional battery cover with belt clip to make it wearable, freeing the user’s hands to focus on their primary job.

    With both Warning and Alarm levels users can know when they are approaching their limit without constantly monitoring their device and can act accordingly.

    To extend the capabilities of the instrument, a wide variety of external Smart probes are available to meet user needs with any RDS-32 version. GMP-12/GMP-25 probes, and the full CSP™ probe range can be connected to all RDS-32 versions with an adequate cable. The selection includes probes for gamma and neutron dose rate and alpha and/or beta contamination with various detection areas and scaler counting.